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Customer Cases and Reviews 2022-04-19

Customer have typically ordered from places in the past, but now customer would like to do a few custom colors that they don't offer, particularly gray, orange and the matte colors. That's exactly what we can do.

Great Celebration for The New Market Office of Victory PCB 2022-02-26

Address changes ,Victory quality and service will never change !!!

Chinese New Year Blessings To You 2022-01-28

Family Reunion Dinner:On New Year's Eve, the most warm and happy thing that people are looking forward to is having reunion dinner with whole family. Everyone tries their best to get home before the New Year in order to have a family reunion dinner.

160 Million Dollars,Shenzhen Victory Electronic Technology Co.,ltd Has Officially Joined Daye Lake Hi-tech Zone in Hubei Province 2022-01-10

December 25,2021. Shenzhen victory electronic technology signing ceremony held in Huangshi Daye Lake high-tech Industrial Development Zone.

The 2021 Business Summary And The 2022 Annual Performance Target Outlook Conference Were Successfully Completed 2022-01-06

On the afternoon of January 5, 2021, Shenzhen Victory Electronic Technology Co.Ltd. 2021 Annual Business Summary and 2022 Annual Performance Target Outlook Conference was held at the Hilton Garden Inn.

Reasons to PCB Price Increases 2021-12-20

As the year of 2021 almost finished,do you have received your supplier info you that they have to adjust price and lead during this year. In that time, there have been many periods of shortages and price variations. None of those periods compares to the situation today. Seldom does a day pass without someone requesting a conference call to discuss the price increase. Everyone asks the same question: “What is the root cause?”

PCB Production Is Developing Towards Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection 2021-11-25

PCB is not only the most important mechanical support for fixing, linking and assembling various components, components and integrated circuits of an electronic product, but also enables electronic products to have high reliability, good consistency, high mechanical strength,light weight, small size, easy to standardize and other advantages and characteristics of basic components.

Welcome To Our Booth At Electronica South China Exhibition 2021-10-09

Victory is a professional PCB manufacturer which established in 2005. Adhere to be a specialized manufacturer for multiply species, small to medium series, and quick turn production, we insist to provide 3H(high quality, high precision and high density) PCBs to our customers.

5 Common Myths about PCB Layout 2021-08-13

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) have been an integral part of electronics for many years. Through the years, electronic devices are getting smaller and more complex and so are the PCBs needed to connect the components in an efficient manner. As robotics and electronic design begin to be taught as early as grade school, the art of PCB layout becomes more meaningful. What follows are 5 common myths about PCB layout:

Is That True Black PCB Board Means High-end Product? 2021-08-13

I don't know when the black PCB became a representative of high-end electronics in the minds of many people. But that's true today many major manufacturers have adopted black PCB in motherboard design, such as Apple, Asus, MSI and so on. Some PCB manufacturers also use black as a premium parameter. So is the black PCB really as high-end PCB as people feel? Today we will specifically discuss this issue.

What is the PCB Fabrication Process 2021-07-23

It might not be helpful to jump directly into fabrication without knowing the relationships and steps between the schematic or idea you have in mind and getting that idea made. Before defining PCB fabrication, it may be helpful to define a few other terms and their interrelationships.

Our Company Now Gives PCB Online Quote 2021-03-03

Over the years, the electronic components industry has witnessed a tremendous change that has led to various degrees of innovative products into the marketplace.


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