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Chinese New Year Blessings To You

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The Spring Festival refers to the traditional Lunar New Year in the cultural circle of Chinese characters, commonly known as "Chinese New Year".


The Spring Festival originated from the activities of worshiping gods and ancestors in the Yinshang Dynasty. It is the grandest, lively and most important ancient traditional festival in China. In Chinese folk, the traditional time of the Spring Festival is from the lunar Dec.8th or the lunar Dec.23rd or 24th until the lunar Jan.15th, with the New Year's Eve and the first day of the lunar January as the climax.  


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Holiday Customs:

Family Reunion Dinner:On New Year's Eve, the most warm and happy thing that people are looking forward to is having reunion dinner with whole family.  Everyone tries their best to get home before the New Year in order to have a family reunion dinner.  

Sweep The Dust: Its purpose is to sweep out all the bad luck and entrusts people's desire to establish the new wishes,say goodbye to the bad luck and welcome the good luck.

Shou Sui: Everyone stays up all night, waiting for the dawn, which is called "Shou Sui".

New Year's Greetings: The younger generations pay New Year's greetings to the elders first, wishing the elders longevity and good health, handing out red packets from the elders to the younger generations is still prevalent.

Post Spring Festival Couplets: It is a unique literary form in China to describe the background of the times and express good wishes with neat, dual, concise and exquisite words.

New Year pictures: New Year pictures are an ancient folk art in China, reflecting the simple customs and beliefs of the people, and expressing their hopes for the future.

Firecrackers: There is a saying in Chinese folk that "firecrackers open the door". That is to say, when the new year comes, the first thing does when opening the door is to set off firecrackers and welcome the new year.

Watch The Spring Festival Gala: The Spring Festival Gala usually referred to as "Spring Festival Gala", generally refers to the variety show held by China Central Television on the eve of the Lunar New Year's Eve every year to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

Worship Ancestors: The significance of worshiping ancestors in the New Year is to respect ancestors, and pray for ancestors to bless generations with prosperity and everything goes well in the future , which reflects the traditional ethical thinking of the Chinese nation.

Welcome the God of Wealth: Welcome wealth to come in new year.

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During the Spring Festival, the Han and some national minorities in China hold various activities to celebrate. These activities mainly focus on mourning ancestors and gods, paying tribute to ancestors, removing the bad luck and receiving the blessings, and praying for a good year. The activities of the Spring Festival are colorful with strong ethnic characteristics. Influenced by Chinese culture, some countries and ethnic groups that belong to the cultural circle of Chinese characters also have the customs of celebrating the Spring Festival.


Our Spring Festival Holiday is Jan.29,2022--Feb.06,2022, Victory PCB would like to wish you all a prosperous new year and all the best, using Chinese word to bless: Hu Hu Sheng Wei, Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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