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With the development of PCB technology, The PCBs are widely used for a various of electronic products such as led lighting. Though there are several types of led light of different shapes in the electronic market, they all have led PCB at their core.

What is the LEDs Circuit Board?

Generally, LED PCB is considered to be a circuit board that has the LED components soldered to it. The LED is soldered to the printed circuit board and features a chip that creates the light as electrically connected. A thermal heat sink and a ceramic base are used to bond the chip. Not all the PCB products can be used in Led industry, as an LED PCB is easy to create a high volume of heat, but making it hard to cool with traditional methods. For this reason, metal core PCB is widely used in LED application because of their enhanced ability to dissipate heat, especially aluminum pcb is often used to fabricate PCB for LED lights.

The advantages of LED PCB

As electronic products become smaller and smaller, it is advantageous to use led PCB boards to permit more direct product sourcing and assembly. There are various advantages with using LED PCB as follows:

  • High thermal conductivity capacity;

  • Lower cost backlit membrane switch;

  • Excellent particle and moisture resistance;

  • Dust and moisture resistant;

  • Make it easy to integrate into complex interface assemblies

  • Efficient low power consumption

  • They come in multiple sizes, colors, and strengths.

  • May be used in silver flex membrane switches and copper flex membrane switches.

Uses of Leds Circuit Boards

Led PCBs have so many greate advantages, therefore it can incorporated into numerous lighting applications.


In the automotive industry, aluminum PCB LEDs are used for cars on indicators, brake lights and in headlights, as well as other applications. There are some factors making the aluminum PCBs be ideal within the automotive industry, such as the durability and competitive prices.


LED indicators and displays are always used in telecommunications equipment due to the surrounding machinery, and they have a great heat transfer ability. Therefore, aluminum-based LED PCBs makes a useful effect on their application.


Surgical and other medical examination lighting equipment majorly apply led lights made of aluminum boards. The durability and high thermal conductivity of aluminum circuit board leds make them ideal for this application. Besides, you can also use aluminum boards in medical scanning tools.


Led displays and pointers are common in the computer world. Moreover, aluminum circuit board leds are an excellent solution due to the heat responsiveness of computer components. Apart from led applications, you can also use aluminum boards in computer components, such as the Central Processing Unit.

Three Important Points About Led PCB Manufacturing

Working with a professional leader in led circuit board manufacturing will enable you to exploit all the advantages of led circuit boards. Depending on your agreement with the PCB manufacturer, a prototype may be produced first so you will have an overview of what the final product will look like.

Number of Layers

There are three different types of layers that you can use on your LED PCB. They include: one layer, two layer and four layer led PCBs. The four-layer led PCB is mostly used for outdoor Led Screen.

More Lumens

The role of lumens in circuit boards, especially LED PCBs cannot be ruled out. There is a need for more lumens to be added to the circuit board, and an excellent way to do that is via a super white solder mask.

The rule of thumb is that the more super white solder masks are used on the circuit board, the more the lumens.

On the other hand, the importance of lumens on LED PCBs cannot be ruled out. Generally, lumens are the singular reason why your LED PCBs will give your lights better brightness.

Add Lots of LED Lights

The other factor you must put in place is to increase the number of LED lights on the circuit board. You should always remember that the work of LED PCBs is to use the LED lights to increase the thermal performance of the circuit board. For that reason, you must always increase the number of LED lights on the LED circuit board so that the thermal performance of the board will be good.

Also, the absence of enough LED lights could bolster an increase of the temperature of the circuit board. And when that happens, the LED light chips will die.

Therefore, do not fail to add lots of LED lights so that your LED PCB will increase the material thermal performance of the circuit board while reducing the risks of destroyed light chips.


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