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Full range of PCB manufacturing and assembly services to fit all your printed circuit board capability needs.

Victory has introduced world-class PCB production equipment and high-precision testing equipment. We adopted a scientific management model to form a strong and leading process manufacturing capability.

  • 1 to 16 layers of PCB boards,

  • a minimum aperture of 0.1mm,

  • a minimum line width,

  • minimum trace width/space 0.075mm,

  • Line gap 0.075mm,

  • 0.4mm BGA Pitch

All are available in our processing. Victory can design and process special processes such as controlled depth milling, half hole, mixed pressure and so on.

MaterialCEM-3,FR-4(Normal to High Tg),High CTI FR-4,Polyimide(PI) ,Aluminum Base,Rogers
Surface finishHAL, HASL Leadfree, ENIG, Chem Tin, OSP, Gold Finger, Immersion Silver, ENEPIG
Min. Core thickness4mil/0.1mm
Prepreg type1080, 2116, 7628, 106, 3313, 2165, 1500.
Max board size24.41X47.24inch/620X1200mm
Copper thicknessMin. base copper  1/3Oz
Max. base copper  10Oz
Min. board thickness2- Layer 0.2mm/8mil
4-Layer  0.35mm/14mil
6-layer  0.65mm/26mil
8-Layer  1.0mm/40mil
10-Layer 1.3mm/51mil
12-Layer 1.6mm/63mil
14-Layer 1.8mm/71mil
16-Layer 2.0mm/79mil
AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)Max.table size: 685X685mm
Max.inspect size: 620X620mm
Max. thickness: 3.20mm(126mil)
Min. thickness: 0.10mm(4mil)-core
Min. width/gap: 3mil/3mil
Design & Test3mil track width, 3mil tracks width/gap, IPC class 2/IPC class 3,Flying probe/tooling test, Differential impedance, TDR testing, Automatic optical inspection
Board thickness Tolerance±0.10mm(4/6layers)
Max.board thickness6.0mm/236mil
Min.line width/space3/3mil
Min hole size4mil/0.1mm
PTH wall thickness≧25µm
Max. aspect ratio12:01
PTH dia. Tolerance±0.075mm/3mil(Standard), ±0.05mm/2mil(Advanced)
NPTH dia. Tolerance±0.05mm/2mil (On laminate area)
±0.03mm (On ground area)
Hole location Tolerance±0.075 (Standard) ±0.05mm (Advanced)
±0.13 (2nd drilled hole to 1st drilled hole location (mm)
Slot size tolerance±0.075mm (board thickness≤1.0mm)
±0.10mm (board thickness>1.00mm)
V-CUT Remain thickness tolerance±0.10mm (Standard), ±0.076mm (Advanced)
Peelable mask Thickness≥8mil (0.2mm)
Insulation Resistance>1012Ω
Through hole Resistance<300Ω
Current breakdown10A
Peel Strength1.4N/mm
S/M Abrasion>6H
Thermal stress288℃  20Sec
Test Voltage20-300V
Min.blind/burried via4mil/0.1mm
Impedance control(50Ω-100Ω) ± 10% (Standard)、(50Ω-100Ω) ± 7% (Advanced)

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Highest Standard and Certifications

We are certified to ISO9001 & 14001, IATF16949, SA08000, QC08000, ISO13485, UL certification. All surface mount boards go through a solder paste inspection machine and a 3D automated optical inspection machine for solder joints and part orientation. You can count on us to meet your needs, from the simplest boards to the most complex designs for small & medium scale production.

PCB Manufacturing & Testing Equipment

Industry-leading PCB precision manufacturing production equipment and college quality inspection equipment of Victory allows us to expand our possibilities beyond the most complicated solutions in manufacturing and meet time to market expectation to our customers. From High Mix/Low volume to mass production quantities capability allows us to meet on time delivery and cost saving solution.

PCB manufacturing equipment
PCB manufacturing equipment
PCB manufacturing equipment
PCB manufacturing equipment
PCB manufacturing equipment
PCB manufacturing equipment

Our Product Case Recommendation

Long Board With 1200mm

Long Board With 1200mm

  • Monthly capability: 5000 Sq M/Month

  • Finished board thickness: 1.6mm

  • Finished copper thickness: 1oz

  • Layer: 6 Layers

  • Dimension: 50.56mm*1200mm

  • Surface finishing: LF HAL

  • Material: FR4 TG170

Depth-control Board

  • Monthly capability: 2200 Sq M/Month

  • Layer: Double Side

  • Material: FR4 TG150

  • Dimension: 256.46mm*251.94mm

  • Finished board thickness: 1.55mm

  • Finished copper thickness: 2oz

  • Surface finishing: HAL

Heavy Copper Board

  • Monthy Capability: 3500 Sq M/Month

  • Layer: 4 Layers

  • Material: FR4 TG170

  • Dimension: 350.56mm*580mm

  • Finished board thickness: 2.3mm

  • Outer layer Finished copper thickness: 6oz

  • Inner layer base copper thickness: 6oz

  • Surface finishing: LF HAL

Customer Evaluation

William Richard(United States)
Victory provides really excellent pcb assembly service, the sales guys there are very active and passionate, and we always feel customers first place when cooperating with Victory PCB Factory.
Addy Gauzu(Spain)
I would like to express my gratitude to Shenzhen Victory PCB for their work, all orders are always completed quickly and with a proper level of feedback! It is very pleasant to work with such professionals, we will continue to order from this professional pcb assembly manufacturer!
Irene Jones(Germany)
Received the pcb boards, good packing. Thank you for Victory's professional service.The incoming inspection is accepted. The people and the product are excellent. Reliable China pcb manufacturer!

Talk to us with your PCB design, we are confident you will be satisfied and become a long term customer!


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