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Quick Turn PCB Fabrication

Quick Turn PCB Fabrication

Quick Turn PCB Fabrication

As we all know, quick turn PCB fabrication is almost always an imperative for companies which want to grab market share. That's why VictoryPCB pay much attension to prompt deliveries time while manufacturing the PCBs with high-quality control measures and certifications. Here VictoryPCB provides fast PCB fabrication including quick turn single layer PCB, quick turn led PCB, quick turn flexible PCB, quick turn FR-4 PCB and other more PCB products.

For a traditional PCB factory, it takes at least 20 days from the customer place an order to production and delivery. Even a strong traditional factory takes 10-15 days for the entire production process. Faced with such a long delivery time, it has been completely unable to meet the needs of users. In this case, the fast delivery function provided by VictoryPCB came into being. Our factory only needs 24 hours to deliver. Some samples can be shipped in 12 hours expedited, and small batches can be shipped within 48 hours as soon as possible.

Of course, quick turn PCB fabrication and delivery don't mean the poor quality. With our stringent test procedures and our robust inspection systems, you can be assured that you will be satisfied with our PCB for your high-tech work. No matter your requirements is simple or multi-layered boards, we ensure that the Quick Turn PCB Manufacturing process is seamless. Besides, we also provide competitive price than other pcb manufacturers.

Lead Time Schedule for Quick Turn PCB Fabrication

LayersQuantity (m2)Delivery Time (Days)Quick Turn (Hours)
2 Layers<1 m24 Days24 Hours
1-3 m26 Days
3-5 m28 Days
>5 m210 Days
4 Layers<1 m25 Days48 Hours
1-3 m27 Days
3-5 m210 Days
>5 m212 Days
6 Layers / 8 Layers<1 m27 Days72 Hours
1-3 m29 Days
3-5 m212 Days
>5 m215 Days
10 Layers<1 m210 Days120 Hours
1-3 m212 Days
3-5 m214 Days
>5 m218 Days
Over 10 Layers<1 m212 Days168 Hours
1-3 m214 Days
3-5 m218 Days
>5 m221 Days

Quick Turn PCB FAQs

  • 1. What is typical PCB lead time?

    When you place your order for PCB prototypes, you have a choice of several production lead times starting from only 5 days. These lead times allow you to choose the date you will be delivered your prototypes on time. They vary from 5 to 20 business days and include: PCB production.

  • 2. What is the fastest PCB turnaround?

    The turnaround time for a quick turn rigid PCB is as low as 24 hours, while flex and rigid-flex PCBs may require about 7 days turnaround time.

  • 3. What is turnkey PCB manufacturing?

    The meaning of “turnkey” projects is any product or service that comes ready for the buyer to operate. In terms of PCB assembly, turnkey assembly is a service where all aspects of the PCB project are handled by your supplier on your behalf.

Get custom quick turn pcb fabrication that authenticates your business products and makes it an element for quick turnaround at a first go! At VictoryPCB, we work with each customer to ensure they get the boards they need, the way they need them. Contact us today for a quote for your specifications.


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