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2 Layer PCB: Everything You Need to Know 2023-06-06

When we talk about PCBs, there a few different types of printed circuit board you might know. One of the most common PCBs is the 2 layer PCB.

What Is The Difference Between Aluminum PCB And Fr4 PCB? 2023-06-06

The aluminum substrate shines in the LED lighting electronics industry because of its excellent heat dissipation performance and dimensional stability, and the processing controllability of the FR4 glass fiber PCB board is irreplaceable in HDI high-density interconnection and high-end electronic technology.

What is FR-4 PCB? Surface Treatment & Plating 2023-05-31

FR-4 stands for a specific glass fiber reinforced epoxy laminate material and were designated by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

What is immersion Tin PCBs? Mounting Methods 2023 2023-05-31

Immersion tin is a relatively new process, and it has not yet become as popular as HASL. However, its environmental benefits and its ability to produce high quality finishes are making it increasingly popular.

What is Impedance Control PCBs? Thickness Measurement 2023-05-31

When connecting the input and output from one electric circuit to the next, in principle, it is necessary to match the impedance of each. Connecting with a coaxial cable (structure like a TV antenna) is the most stable, but the impedance control board reproduces this on a printed circuit board.

What is Immersion Gold PCB? Cheap Immersion Manufacturing 2023-05-31

Immersion gold PCBs are commonly used in high-reliability applications, such as telecommunications and medical devices.

What are Castellation PCBs? Applications and Benefits 2023 2023-05-29

Castellated PCBs are often used in applications where space is limited, such as smartphones and other portable devices, because of these indentations that allow them to be soldered to another PCB or module. They provide a secure and reliable connection.

What is Flexible PCB Substrate? Structure & Adhesive Types 2023-05-29

It has a structure in which a base film (such as polyimide), which is a thin-film insulator, is used, and an adhesive layer and conductor foil are laminated on it.

What Is High Density Multilayer PCBs? Features & Advantages 2023-05-29

The product consists of 5 or more dielectric layers. When using multilayer PCB, the dimensions of the final device are reduced, and the design complexity increases significantly.

What is Coil PCB? Types and Applications 2023 2023-05-25

A component called a coil (inductor) uses the magnetic field generated when this current flows. A coil (inductor) has two major roles, one of which is to store energy. The other role is to prevent AC current from flowing (which depends greatly on the frequency).

What Is a Double Sided Printed Circuit Board? (2023) 2023-05-24

Since both sides cannot be electrically connected as they are, conductors such as copper plating are applied to connection holes called via holes to electrically connect the wiring patterns on both sides.

What is Heavy Copper PCB? Benefits & Applications 2023-05-23

With the emergence of next-generation power devices, the power electronics field is becoming increasingly high-frequency, and the effects of parasitic components such as inductance, capacitance, and resistance on circuits, which were previously ignored, will become apparent.


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