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Why Is The Color Of PCB Mostly Green? 2021-10-21

I see most printed circuit boards are green in color. I’ve seen some blue and yellow boards, but not so many – so I have a question: Why are most PCBs green? The above question is not only asked by electronics hobbyists but also questioned by engineers, so today let’s unravel the mystery.

Convergence Point of the Double-Sided PCB and Other Types of PCB 2021-10-09

Without a doubt, you will agree that printed circuit boards, commonly referred to as PCB are among the components of various electrical appliances with so much impact in how their appliances serve us. Right from the largest as well as the most sophisticated of various electrical units such as those found in the control panel of airplanes and automobiles to those found in the smallest electrical devices such as children toys, we can say that PCB have added so much flavor to life as far as electrical devices are concerned.

Welcome To Our Booth At Electronica South China Exhibition 2021-10-09

Victory is a professional PCB manufacturer which established in 2005. Adhere to be a specialized manufacturer for multiply species, small to medium series, and quick turn production, we insist to provide 3H(high quality, high precision and high density) PCBs to our customers.

Immersion gold PCBs 2021-09-17

Immersion gold plating is an interaction that applies an extremely slim layer of gold by dislodging the surface molecules. This implies the covering isn't extremely thick, ordinarily somewhere in the range of three and eight miniature inches.

What is High-density multilayer PCB? HDI PCB Manufacturing Process 2021-09-09

If a PCB includes three or more layers or sheets of copper foil that are isolated from each other coating) and linked together to form a single component, it is called a high-density multilayer PCB. It must have at least three layers of conductive material buried in the material's center.

What is the heavy copper PCB manufacturing process? 2021-09-03

The printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturing process requires a complex procedure to ensure the performance of the finished product. Though circuit boards can be single, double or multilayered, the fabrication processes used only differ after the first layer’s production. Due to differences in the structure of the PCBs, some may require 20 or more steps during manufacturing.

5 Common Myths about PCB Layout 2021-08-13

Printed circuit boards (PCBs) have been an integral part of electronics for many years. Through the years, electronic devices are getting smaller and more complex and so are the PCBs needed to connect the components in an efficient manner. As robotics and electronic design begin to be taught as early as grade school, the art of PCB layout becomes more meaningful. What follows are 5 common myths about PCB layout:

Is That True Black PCB Board Means High-end Product? 2021-08-13

I don't know when the black PCB became a representative of high-end electronics in the minds of many people. But that's true today many major manufacturers have adopted black PCB in motherboard design, such as Apple, Asus, MSI and so on. Some PCB manufacturers also use black as a premium parameter. So is the black PCB really as high-end PCB as people feel? Today we will specifically discuss this issue.

Why Is the Apple Printed Circuit Board Black While Most Other Manufacturers Are Green 2021-08-09

When 'dissecting' the interior of every Apple MacBook, the skilled engineers are impressed with the clean black circuit board and the components are neatly arranged inside. Unlike the majority of other electronics firms that choose green for the circuit board, Apple chose black. Why so?

Is It Important to Understand the PCB Fabrication Process? 2021-07-23

The question can and probably should be asked: “Is it important to understand the PCB fabrication process?” After all, PCB fabrication is not a design activity, it is an outsourced activity that is performed by a contract manufacturer (CM). Although, it is true that fabrication is not a design task, it is done in strict adherence to the specifications that you provide to your CM.

What is the PCB Fabrication Process 2021-07-23

It might not be helpful to jump directly into fabrication without knowing the relationships and steps between the schematic or idea you have in mind and getting that idea made. Before defining PCB fabrication, it may be helpful to define a few other terms and their interrelationships.

Considerations for Using Heavy Copper In Design 2021-07-08

One of the most important calculations in high current applications is the cross-sectional area of a trace. IPC 2152 shows (conservative) cross-sectional areas needed for particular amperages, but designers are left alone to calculate the area of a trapezoidal trace. Sure, the area of a trapezoid is h*(b1+b2)/2, h is obviously copper weight (in mils!) and b1 is obviously the trace width, but what is b2? Your PCB manufacturer’s sales and planning departments will know how much smaller the top of the trace is than the bottom, so be sure to ask them. Note that the difference varies from manufacturer to manufacturer.


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