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Advantages and Disadvantages of Copper Defined and Soldermask Defined Pad 2022-09-20

The copper-defined pad is also called a non-soldermask-defined pad. The solder mask openings are larger than copper pads.

How To Use A PCB Calculator 2022-09-13

If you don't adhere to the stated criteria, you could wind up building a PCB that is occasionally inoperable or useless. Fortunately, we have written this article to help you know how to use the PCB trace width calculator to determine your PCB trace width.

Victory Wish You a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival 2022-09-09

Since ancient times, the Mid-Autumn Festival has folk customs such as worshiping the moon, admiring the moon, eating moon cakes, worshiping ancestors, watching lanterns and drinking osmanthus wine.

How to Start PCB Assembly Business 2022-08-22

Printed Circuit Board is an important component that is present in any type of domestic and industrial electronic or electrical equipment.

Victory PCB Launched New Product Sakura Pink PCB 2022-08-16

"Sakura Pink PCB" launched by Victory PCB is a major innovation in the PCB industry, providing a richer choice for more electronic technology enthusiasts and meeting the expectations and requirements of a small number of people for colors. After the product was launched, it was loved by some customers.

How To Assemble A PCB Board 2022-08-08

There are various steps in a PCB electronics assembly process. However, they must collaborate to create a seamless overall process.

Do You Know About IPC? 2022-08-02

This specification serves as the basis for the IPC-6010 printed board performance series of specifications, describing the assurance requirements for quality and reliability that must be met.

Why Use Double-sided PCB? 2022-07-20

They usually require less material and do not require solder or reflow soldering processes. More also, using double-sided PCB allows signals to travel faster than single-sided boards.

How to Use Double-Sided Prototype PCB 2022-07-12

Another name for double-sided PCB circuit boards is double-sided plated DSPT or Thru. The entry point to more advanced technological applications is double-sided PCB circuits.

What Is Pcb Edge Plating? 2022-07-11

PCB edge castellation ensures a strong connection with the circuit board and limits the chance of equipment failures, particularly while controlling the protections for sub-motherboards and small form factor boards.

A Basic Introduction to Stiffeners PCB 2022-07-06

The stiffeners PCB mainly include stainless steel stiffeners PCB, aluminum foil stiffeners PCB, polyester stiffeners PCB, polyimide stiffeners PCB and glass fiber stiffeners PCB.

What to Pay Attention to When Processing Rogers Special Sheet 2022-06-24

Victory PCB focuses on the development of special types and special materials products. Three Rogers sheet samples have been completed, including multi-layer mixed pressure, yin-yang copper high frequency, and conventional Rogers products.


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