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Single Layer PCB

What is Single Layer PCB?

Single Layer PCB, also called 1 layer PCB, is such type of a PCB which comes with only one layer of conducting material on one side of the board and other side is used for incorporating different electronic components on the board. Single layer PCBs are typically used for simple devices and are a bit less expensive for PCB assembly services to produce.

Advantages of Single Layer PCBs

There are many advantages for single layer PCB, which are listed below:

  • Lower cost: Because single-layer PCBs are simpler than double-sided PCBs and multi-layer PCBs, low cost especially for high volume orders

  • Simpler Design and Production: Single-sided boards are relatively simple and are also very common, which means most designers can easily design them, and lower probability of manufacturing issues for most manufacturers.

  • High Volume: Because higher amounts will lower the price per board even more, bulk ordering is one of the best ways to get the most value out of single-sided PCBs.

  • Popular, common, and easily understood by most PCB manufacturers

Applications of single layer PCB

Single layer PCBs are widely used in a lot of various electronic applications ranging from simple to intermediate to complex circuits.  There are some applications they can be used for as follows.

  • Power supplies

  • Packaging equipment

  • Camera systems

  • Solid state drives

  • Radio and stereo equipment

  • Sensor products

  • Timing circuits

  • Photo copy and printer machines circuits


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