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Case 1

Customer introduction: Electrostatic Headphones manufacturer in America

PCB type: Flex PCB

Customer want to make double-sided FPC and hope the copper width as thin as possible. The smallest thickness of double-sided base material is 12.5um PI, the copper thickness is 12um, the finished copper thickness will be 18-20um after plating. After negotiation, we changed it to single-layer flex PCB to meet customer’s requirement, the base material is 12.5um PI, the finished copper thickness is 12um.

victory pcb

victory pcb

Case 2

Customer introduction: Electronics manufacturer in America

PCB type: FR4 Gray PCB

Customer have typically ordered from places in the past, but now customer would like to do a few custom colors that they don't offer, particularly gray, orange and the matte colors. That's exactly what we can do.

victory pcb

victory pcb

If you have any tricky business, please feel free to contact us. Victory PCB can make things easier and perfect.


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