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Rogers PCB

For many PCB designers, Rogers is a necessity for high-frequency PCB materials, once they realize that FR4 does not perform well at microwave frequencies. When they quote for PCBs using Rogers material, they will tell the manufacturing company that they want Rogers PCB, more specifically, the products like Rogers RO4350B or RO4003C.

What is Rogers PCB

Rogers PCB is a high frequency printed circuit board created from Rogers Company's material, which manufactures the laminate materials for manufacture electronic circuit boards. Rogers is different from another PCB material: FR-4 (Flame Retardant level 4) material, a composite of glass fiber/epoxy, with copper foil laminated on one or both sides. While rogers has no glass fiber in the middle and uses a ceramic base as the high-frequency material. Rogers PCBs, as opposed to FR-4 PCBs are well suited for high-frequency applications.

Differences Between Rogers PCB and Other Materials

The RF, microwave, Rogers, and Teflon PCBs all belong to the high-frequency (HF) PCB category range. High-frequency PCBs function in a wide range of frequencies between 500MHz to 10GHz.

Rogers Vs. Teflon PCB

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) has widespread use for the synthesis of printed circuit boards. It is a polymer. While Teflon is a trademark name used by DuPont on a range of polymer products. Teflon makes good PTFE materials, and the PCBs that have the composition of this material is known as Teflon PCBs.

  • Both Teflon PCB and Roger PCB have high frequencies. But, Teflon PCBs have a frequency of +5GHz. In comparison, Rogers PCB has a high frequency of +6GHz.

  • Teflon PCB is ideal for low-cost applications. But, the Roger PCB is best for high-cost applications.

Rogers Vs. Ceramic PCB

  • Ceramic PCB has a heat-conducting ceramic powder. But, Rogers PCB has no ceramic powder.

  • The ceramic PCB has a ceramic base. In contrast, Rogers PCB has a copper foil base.

  • Ceramic PCB is less expensive when compared to Rogers PCB.

Rogers Vs. RF PCB (Rf Circuit)

  • The RF PCB is usually more complex than Rogers's PCB.

  • RF PCB frequency operates around 100MHz – 2GHz. In contrast, Rogers PCB has +6GHz frequency.

Rogers Vs. Fr4 / Rogers PCB Stackup Vs. Fr4 PCB

  • Rogers's material is expensive as compared to the FR4 material.

  • When it comes to dielectric constant, Rogers has a higher value compared to FR4. That is, Rogers has between 2.5 to 11. In comparison, the FR4 PCB has about 4.5. Also, it means that Rogers PCB stores more electric charge than the FR4.

  • Rogers's material is also excellent in the case of stability of the impedance. It has a range of dielectric constant. While FR4 PCB has a lower range of Dk (Dielectric constant) values than Rogers PCB.

  • In temperature management, Rogers material has a less variation comparing to FR-4 material.

  • FR-4 material has a high Df or dissipation factor than Rogers material, suffering more signal loss.

RF vs. Microwave

RF and Microwave PCBs are the same single-sided or double-sided PCBs that are made on a fluoroplastic base but with a dielectric constant of less than 3, the smallest tangent of dielectric losses, and high thermal-mechanical stability. Currently, such requirements are met by Rogers materials.

Capabilities in Manufacturing Rogers Material PCB

VictoryPCB is one of the leading manufactures of PCB fabrication & PCB assembly in China. We'll try our best to produce high quality PCBs with rogers material or fr4 material to meet your requirements. Checkout our capabilities in Manufacturing Rogers Material PCB in the following table.

Monthy Capability1200 m²/month
Layer2 Layers
MaterialRogers 4350
Finished board thickness1.6mm
Finished copper thickness1oz
Min Trace Width/Space15mil
Min hole size0.5mm

The series of RO4000 laminates offer a range of dielectric constants (2.55-6.15) and are available with UL 94 V-0 flame retardant versions. ROGERS 4004C and ROGERS 4350B have excellent low dielectric loss characteristics. As a result, they provide a more cost-effective and processable high-frequency material selection than PTFE.

rogers 4350b pcb

Benefits of Using Rogers Printed Circuit Boards

PCBs with Rogers high frequency laminates offer several beneficial features when used in dynamic thermal environment. The reasons why we use the rogers pcb materials in our fabrication process

  • Rogers PCB has low moisture absorption as well as improved thermal management

  • well suited for harsh environmental conditions.

  • display better impedance control

  • lower di-electric loss, lower signal loss, as well as low cross-over.

  • extremely cost-effective when it comes to circuit fabrication.

  • RO4000 material’s thermal co-efficient of expansion is akin to that of copper that offers dimensional stability.

Rogers PCB Fabrication Price

Our online PCB calculator can only calculate simpler boards with 1 to 12 layers. The price of high-performance PCB cannot be calculated by this system, and only the engineer can give you an accurate quotation after understanding the requirements of the customers.

Unlike most commodities, PCB pricing depends on your design and requirements, and they are 100% customized. The calculator online actually only sets the parameter range, and different pricing belongs to different ranges.

Of course, different Rogers PCBs have different pricing. For example, RO3000 series are more expensive than RO4003C. And generally speaking, PCB shops in North America and Western Europe charge much higher than PCB companies in China. The PCB price of the former may be 10 times higher than that of the latter.

Best Rogers PCB Manufacturer - VictoryPCB

As a Rogers PCB Manufacturers, VictoryPCB is fully equipped to manufacture eponymous printed circuit boards created from material sourced from Rogers that is known for their durability and reliability. We provide high mix printed circuit boards, high frequency rogers PCB, RF rogers printed circuit boards, SMT rogers circuit boards, Rogers PCB prototype and more. And we will try our best to fabricate your PCBs with Rogers material with the highest quality to meet your demands and committed to adhering to the strictest standards in PCB fabrication and assembly.


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