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FR-4 PCB Material

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In the printed circuit boards (PCBs), fire retardant 4 (FR4) material is one of the most widely used materials in the assembly and fabrication of PCB. The application of this material ranges from simple to complex boards of varied sizes.


Generally, the FR-4 is made of glass fiber epoxy laminate that utilizes 8 layers of glass fiber constituents. The thickness of this fantastic sheet has varied ranges that make the ambient temperature vary from 120 – 130 degrees Celsius.


Interestingly, most electronic producers use this material for their manufacturing due to its excellent properties. Contacting a reliable and manufacturer of a quality FR-4 PCB is the best way to get this material with high quality.


Read on as we take you through key things that make FR-4 PCB an outstanding material in the electronic industry.

Key Properties of FR4 Material 

The following properties are key properties that make FR-4 material an outstanding material that is suitable for wide applications.

1. Color and Nature

FR-4 is common in circuit boards around you. When you pick a PCB, the greenish material on the circuit board is the FR-4. Most boards are built using this material because it is suitable for different applications.

2. Thermal Expansivity Of The Material

FR-4 material has very low expansivity. The thermal expansion coefficient is very low. This simply means that the material does not easily expand or contract with a temperature change. This property makes it an ideal material for making circuit boards.

3. Low Moisture Absorption

Contrary to other materials, it does not absorb moisture from the surrounding. Despite changes in the humidity of the climate, the size of the material remains the same. A PCB that is produced with this material can withstand different weather changes without any damage to the board.

4. Dielectric Properties

The dielectric property of FR-4 is excellent. Its hard and powerful substance make it suitable for nautical components, marine application, and other uses. The strength of the material is like the strength of steel. The material can only be machined but you can't mold it because it comes as a sheet.

5. Fire Resistant

FR-4 is categorized into a thermoset material because it is resistant to fire. It can melt after production. Once it is formed, the properties remain intact, making it suitable for PCBs that are exposed to high temperatures.


6. Ideal for Multi-layer PCB

Between FR-1, FR-2, FR-3, and FR-4, it is the only FR-4 that is suitable for multi-layer PCBs. Companies can produce different PCBs using this material. With this, the cost of projects and the material is drastically reduced.  

Contact Us For A Quality FR-4 PCB Material

Are you considering how to produce a quality PCB that meets your required needs? Then, FR-4 PCB material is the best material you need. It is suitable for different applications, including the production of multi-layer boards.


Kindly contact us for a quality product that meets your needs. We are available to supply any quantity of FR-4 that you need for your projects. Click here to check our quality products.  

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