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What You Need To Know About Heavy Copper PCB 2023-01-28

A quality heavy copper PCB from a reputable manufacturer is suitable for high-power electronic devices like motor controllers and power supplies. The thickness range of heavy copper PCB is from 3 – 10 oz. per square foot.

What To Know About Quick Turn PCB Fabrication 2023-01-27

Read on as we take you through what you need to know about the concept of quick turn PCB manufacturing.

Properties and Advantages of High-Frequency PCB 2022-12-15

This is another fundamental property of high-frequency PCB. The High-frequency PCB can maintain its shape and size with the aid of low dimensional stability.

What Is A Single Layer PCB? 2022-12-08

In case you are wondering what the single-layer PCB is all about, this article will give you a detailed breakdown of everything you need to know about the single-layer PCB.

What Is the Difference Between FPC Electromagnetic Film and Cover Film? 2022-12-05

Today we will discuss the difference between FPC electromagnetic film and cover film.

Possible Challenges in the LED PCB Design 2022-11-30

Are you interested in knowing some of the challenges that may be encountered during the use of LED PCBs? This article will give a detailed highlight of the possible LED PCB challenges.

Victory PCB Participated in the 2022 Electronica South China 2022-11-24

The South China Circuit Board International Trade Sourcing Expo, jointly launched by the Guangdong Circuit Board Industry Association and the Munich South China Electronics Fair, was successfully held on November 15-17, 2022!

How Are Flexible PCBs Made? 2022-11-11

As the name implies, the flexible printed circuit board is a flexible material derived from polyimide. There are many types of circuit boards used to serve different purposes.

What Is the Difference Between Immersion Gold and Gold Plating? 2022-11-09

Immersion gold is a layer of coating formed by chemical redox reaction. Generally, the thickness is thicker.

2 Layer PCB: Everything You Need to Know 2022-11-07

When we talk about PCBs, there a few different types of printed circuit board you might know. One of the most common PCBs is the 2 layer PCB.

What Are PCBs Made Of? 2022-10-26

As you can see from the image above, this is a sophisticated circuit board with the capability of receiving and sending high-frequency signals. In this article, I will take like to divulge to you what PCBs are made of.

Somthing You Should Know About PCB Fabrication Process 2022-10-26

The Victory PCB design process begins with design and implementation and continues through circuit board manufacture.


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