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Coil PCBs

What is a PCB Coil

Coil printed circuit boards are also known as RF coil or spiral coil boards, refer to a design where a single trace coils around itself in a spiral-like pattern. Coil PCBs are often manufactured with round, square, or meander form of turns, although they can be in a polygon form. With PCB development technology, multiple coils are used in a multilayer PCB and gain great success.

PCB Inductor Calculator

The diameter or width x thickness would probably affect the inductance and also on the Q factor of your coil. It would also affect the coil's self-capacitance, which in your case would be smaller than one using wire of the same diameter because the capacitance between adjacent tracks would depend on the copper thickness (small)  and the separation.

Capabilities in Manufacturing Coil PCB

Monthy Capability1300 m²/month
Layer4 Layers
MaterialFR4, TG140
Outer layer Finished board thickness1oz
Inner layer base copper thickness1oz


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