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What is a PCB Coil

Coil printed circuit boards are also known as RF coil or spiral coil boards, refer to a design where a single trace coils around itself in a spiral-like pattern. Coil PCBs are often manufactured with round, square, or meander form of turns, although they can be in a polygon form. With PCB development technology, multiple coils are used in a multilayer PCB and gain great success.

Capabilities in Manufacturing Coil PCB

Victory PCB is a professional pcb manufacturer that can produce high-quality coil PCB products. Check our PCB manufacturing capabilities in the following table:
Monthy Capability1300 m²/month
Layer4 Layers
MaterialFR4, TG140
Outer layer Finished board thickness1oz
Inner layer base copper thickness1oz

PCB Inductor Calculator

The diameter or width x thickness would probably affect the inductance and also on the Q factor of your coil. It would also affect the coil's self-capacitance, which in your case would be smaller than one using wire of the same diameter because the capacitance between adjacent tracks would depend on the copper thickness (small)  and the separation.

Applications of Coil PCBs

Coil PCBs can be used for a variety of purposes, including power transfer, data transmission, sensing, and filtering. They are commonly found in electronic devices such as computers, smartphones, and wireless chargers. The design of the PCB coil can vary depending on the specific application and the desired characteristics of the coil.


  • 1. What is a PCB inductor?

    An inductor is a passive component that operates via opposing sudden changes in current flow. It does so by temporarily reducing the spikes or current surge by storing the energy in the electromagnetic field before releasing it into the electronic circuit. A common inductor example is the PCB inductor.

  • 2. What is the size of a PCB inductor?

    The size of the PCB inductor is chosen to be 10 mm × 10 mm to comply with the size constraints of an implantable sys- tem. The structure of a commercial 4-layer PCB is util- ized with FR-4 as the substrate material and copper as the metal layer.

  • 3. Why inductors are used in PCB?

    Inductors for PCBs. Anywhere voltage is required, inductors are used. High-frequency inductors are used in the form of power transformers for galvanic isolation in switch mode power supplies, as storage reactors in boost converters, or as current-compensated reactors for minimizing disruptions.

  • 4. What do inductor coils do?

    An inductor is a passive electronic component which is capable of storing electrical energy in the form of magnetic energy. Basically, it uses a conductor that is wound into a coil, and when electricity flows into the coil from the left to the right, this will generate a magnetic field in the clockwise direction.

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