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Is That True Black PCB Board Means High-end Product? 2021-08-13

I don't know when the black PCB became a representative of high-end electronics in the minds of many people. But that's true today many major manufacturers have adopted black PCB in motherboard design, such as Apple, Asus, MSI and so on. Some PCB manufacturers also use black as a premium parameter. So is the black PCB really as high-end PCB as people feel? Today we will specifically discuss this issue.

What is the PCB Fabrication Process 2021-07-23

It might not be helpful to jump directly into fabrication without knowing the relationships and steps between the schematic or idea you have in mind and getting that idea made. Before defining PCB fabrication, it may be helpful to define a few other terms and their interrelationships.

Our Company Now Gives PCB Online Quote 2021-03-03

Over the years, the electronic components industry has witnessed a tremendous change that has led to various degrees of innovative products into the marketplace.

Holiday Schedule of New Year 2021 2021-02-06

The Spring Festival is the most important festival in China and even in Chinese circles. The Lunar New Year is approaching.

ShenZhen Victory Electronic Annual Meeting Was Successful 2021-01-19

While sales and a good customer service seems to be the backbone of any establishment, the expertise and operations of the management team also play a vital role to the growth of any company.

We Are Celebrating Christmas With Our Heavy Copper PCB Clients 2020-12-23

As the year gradually wind up, many companies in the heavy copper PCB industry as also rounding up the year in style with lots of memorable and joyful moments to share with their clients and workers.

Our Collaboration With Yuwell In The Manufacture Of High-Flow Respiratory Humidification Treatment Instrument 2020-10-21

It won't be a surprise that the world is going through a really tough and challenging time health-wise.

Victory PCB Offer the best PCB solution for medical equipment 2020-09-08

When we take a look at the numerous Metal core PCBs, we can observe that the Aluminum PCB appears to be the most common in the market. This PCB type has a base material which is made up of an aluminium core as the name implies.

Victory Electronic Technology Gained ISO 13485:2016 System Certification 2020-05-11

Shenzhen Victory Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. gained ISO 13485:2016 System Certification on April 20, 2020, which proves this company is applicable to manufacturing of PCB for electronic medical equipment. And this has been assessed and registered by NQA against the provisions of ISO 13485:2016. The certification is shown as the following:

Victory Staff Went for A Gorgeous Trip 2020-01-09

In Aug, 2019, Victory staff went for a summer trip. While enjoying life, the cohesion of the team and the cooperation sense between colleagues are also quietly rising. We went to Ye Jianying Memorial Hall and other famous scenes.

Victory Awards Outstanding Employees in Commendation Conference 2020-01-09

The busy 2019 has passed and the brand-new 2020 is coming. The new year breeds new goals and hopes. The Victory 2019 Spring Festival Annual Meeting and the Outstanding Employees Commendation Conference were held in December 2019. All the employees of Victory Company gathered and had a party together.


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