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Why choose Victory?

With high speed development, continuous improvement and persistent concentration in PCBs production during the decades of years, Victory can manufacture 1-16L layer Rigid PCBs, Flex PCBs, High Frequency PCBs, HDI PCBs and Metal Base Aluminium PCBs to satisfy various demand from customers.

Victory PCB Manufacturing Capability

MaterialCEM-3,FR-4(Normal to High Tg),High CTI FR-4,Polyimide(PI) ,Aluminum Base,Rogers
Surface finishHAL, HASL Leadfree, ENIG, Chem Tin, OSP, Gold Finger, Immersion Silver, ENEPIG
Min. Core thickness4mil/0.1mm
Prepreg type1080, 2116, 7628, 106, 3313, 2165, 1500.
Max board size24.41X47.24inch/620X1200mm
Copper thicknessMin. base copper  1/3Oz
Max. base copper  10Oz
Min. board thickness2- Layer 0.2mm/8mil
4-Layer  0.35mm/14mil
6-layer  0.65mm/26mil
8-Layer  1.0mm/40mil
10-Layer 1.3mm/51mil
12-Layer 1.6mm/63mil
14-Layer 1.8mm/71mil
16-Layer 2.0mm/79mil
AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection)Max.table size: 685X685mm
Max.inspect size: 620X620mm
Max. thickness: 3.20mm(126mil)
Min. thickness: 0.10mm(4mil)-core
Min. width/gap: 3mil/3mil
Board thickness Tolerance±0.10mm(4/6layers)
Max.board thickness6.0mm/236mil
Min.line width/space3/3mil
Min hole size4mil/0.1mm
PTH wall thickness≧25µm
Max. aspect ratio12:01
PTH dia. Tolerance±0.075mm/3mil(Standard), ±0.05mm/2mil(Advanced)
NPTH dia. Tolerance±0.05mm/2mil (On laminate area)
±0.03mm (On ground area)
Hole location Tolerance±0.075 (Standard) ±0.05mm (Advanced)
±0.13 (2nd drilled hole to 1st drilled hole location (mm)
Slot size tolerance±0.075mm (board thickness≤1.0mm)
±0.10mm (board thickness>1.00mm)
V-CUT Remain thickness tolerance±0.10mm (Standard), ±0.076mm (Advanced)
Peelable mask Thickness≥8mil (0.2mm)
Insulation Resistance>1012Ω
Through hole Resistance<300Ω
Current breakdown10A
Peel Strength1.4N/mm
S/M Abrasion>6H
Thermal stress288℃  20Sec
Test Voltage20-300V
Min.blind/burried via4mil/0.1mm
Impedance control(50Ω-100Ω) ± 10% (Standard)、(50Ω-100Ω) ± 7% (Advanced)

PCB Manufacturing & Testing Equipment

Victory PCB has a total plant area 30,000sq.m, monthly capability can be 60,000sq.m with 3000 parts. Our factories located in the modern Industrial Park of Shenzhen City. With advanced PCB production and testing equipments, and well-found quality system to monitor throughout the whole manufacturing process, we can ensure the stable and excellent quality of the production process to meet customers' requirements.

PCB manufacturing equipment
PCB manufacturing equipment
PCB manufacturing equipment
PCB manufacturing equipment
PCB manufacturing equipment
PCB manufacturing equipment

Our goal is to produce printed circuit boards in a sustainable manner at the lowest total cost through our ability, delivery accuracy and product quality, so as to help our customers obtain the best market and competitive advantage.

Do it right from the start,we’re follow ISO9001:2015 standard.From working gerber checking to delivery.Every process have QA to inspect.

Quality Control

We have 55 QC, FQC, QA specialists who utilize 100 testing devices, advanced techniques like IMDS and PPAP. Our products are tested in physics lab strictly before shipment on every part number. And report will be included in carton. All of our pcbs are RoHs/Reach/CE compliant.

Staffs in Quality department get traning once per week to be skilled and professional.

Major test items:

outgoing insepction test

micro section test

solderability test

temperature test

thermal stress test

electric test

Full Inspection

Delivery and transportation

How about the shipment?

1. FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples, Door-to-Door;

2. By Air or by Sea for batch goods, for FCL; Airport/ Port receiving;

What‘s your package like?

1. Solid

2. Professional

3. No broken during the shipment


Before work with us you can receive quick response by one to one 7*24 professional service;After shipment,our service is not ending,any complaint or technical question will welcome.

You can get full service from prototype,medium to mass production with faster lead time.

You can trace each board's status by daily WIP.


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