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PCB Manufacturing & Assembly Capabilities of Victory

Victory is a professional Prototype PCB manufacturer in China specializing in multilayer printed circuit board products fabrication including flexible PCB, metal core pcb(aluminum base pcb), high frequency PCBs, HDI PCB, double sided pcb, immersion gold pcb and etc that fully compliant with the ISO 9001:2015 and IATF 16949:2016 quality. We also offer custom pcb design and PCB assembly services for both through-hole and surface mount technology(SMT) to meet our customers needs.

Our pcb fabrication and assembly capability make sure small & medium batch quick turn production with higher quality, higher wiring densities and higher precision pcbs for our customers.


We have more than 1,000 customer groups


Export to Europe / America / East Asia etc.


Our factory is a total plant area 30,000sq.m.


Our monthly capability can be 60,000sq.m with 3000 part numbers.


We have factories with more than 450 staffs.

Best Quality PCB Products for Sale

6 Layer FR4 TG170 Material Long PCB Board with 1oz Finished Copper Thickness

White & Black Double Side Depth-control PCB Board for Security Devices

  • Layer: Double Side
  • Material: FR4 TG150
  • Finished Copper Thickness: 2oz
  • Surface Finishing: HAL
  • Order Pieces: No MOQ
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10 Layer Immersion Gold PCB with 1.5oz Finished Copper Thickness

10 Layer Immersion Gold PCB with 1.5oz Finished Copper Thickness

  • Layer: 10 Layer
  • Material: FR4 TG180
  • Finished Copper Thickness: 1.5oz
  • Surface Finishing: Immersion Gold
  • Order Pieces: No MOQ
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Black 4 Layer Heavy Copper PCB with 6oz Finished Copper Thickness

Black 4 Layer Heavy Copper PCB with 6oz Finished Copper Thickness

  • Layer: 4 Layer
  • Material: FR4 TG170
  • Finished Copper Thickness: 6oz
  • Surface Finishing: HAL
  • Order Pieces: No MOQ
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2 Layer Yellow PCB Board with 1oz Finished Copper Thickness

2 Layer Yellow PCB Board with 1oz Finished Copper Thickness

  • Layer: 2 Layer
  • Material: FR4 TG170
  • Finished Copper Thickness: 1oz
  • Surface Finishing: LF HAL
  • Order Pieces: No MOQ
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VictoryPCB is your single source for printed circuit board manufacturing. Victory has been committed to superior quality and customer service for 15 years with the highest standards such as high quality pcb laminate uses Fr-4, rogers and aluminum to meet customers requirement for these applications as follow.

Industry Control

High-power industrial applications of edge plating PCBs are common. These electronic components control the mechanisms used in factories and manufacturing facilities.

Automotive Electronics

Gold finger PCB are commonly used in high-precision electronic devices. We have Gold Finger automated production lines for fast pcb production.

Medical Equipment

PCBs in the medical industry are highly specialized to accommodate the unique limitations of medical devices.

Communication Devices

In the field of communications, roger pcbs(such as 2 lay roger PCB with 1oz finished copper thickness) are widely used in wireless networks, transmission networks, data communications and fixed-line broadband.

Security Devices

Security systems use PCBs to coordinate the various components and signals to detect the presence of intruders and this product double side depth-control pcb board with 2oz finished copper thickness is suitable for this application.

Victory Market Distribution

Our customers are all over the world







Some of the most successful businesses globally depend on VICTORY PCB

What Our Client Say

We’re looking for reliable pcb manufacturers then came across a promising company, Victory PCB. We are very satisfied with quality product and service provided by Victory PCB, specially their prompt response service, even we need the pcb quotation from them late in the midnight but still get a quick response. Highly recommend this china pcb supplier.

David Smith

Victoy’s fast production lead time always exceeds our expectation, more competitive prices and best quality printed circuit boards compared with other pcb suppliers, making us competitive and confident in front of our customers in this market.


This is my first assembly order with Victory PCB and I am satisfied with everything. Fast quotation within 1 hour, prompt shipping, high quality products, professional  technical  and after sales supports. But the price is cheaper than other European assembly house. Would recommend and will continue business with Victory PCB.


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