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The biggest advantage of our company is the short delivery time, and the fastest delivery of SMT processing business within 24 hours after the order is placed. PCBA processing standard parts can be delivered within 48 hours as soon as possible. The company is committed to becoming the best PCBA processing express manufacturer in China. Through centralized purchase of materials and centralized orders, centralized aggregation of multi-customer materials, and aggregation of multiple materials of the same nature, unified orders are placed to our long-term cooperative quality assurance suppliers, and we can obtain better processing and faster delivery from suppliers.

Moreover, we are happy to transfer this quality to our customers and help them improve their competitiveness in today's fierce market competition, because we deeply understand that customer survival is our survival: customer development is our development . At the same time, with the support of our professional R&D team, we can provide customers with program optimization to help customers reduce costs or shorten delivery times.


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