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VictoryPCB focuses on the design and production of industrial PCBA. Its products cover industrial automation equipment, industrial production equipment control panels, industrial robots, automotive electronic control panels, industrial printing and coding equipment, servo control panels, CNC machine tools, medical electronics, Security electronics, consumer electronics, communication electronics, power electronics and other electronic product design categories. One-stop service for copying PCB, purchasing components, SMT production, maintenance and debugging, and quality assurance maintenance. A high-tech company with a professional team and electronic product program development. Senior software and hardware development, you can use rich technical resources and rich product project management experience to help you in the entire process of product design, product production, project promotion, and project support, and work with you to complete each part of the project.

In addition, we have fully considered the upgradeability and expandability of the product in all the program design, so as to solve your worries. The strong technical force enables us to recommend the most cost-effective, stable and reliable solutions to customers in the shortest time. The procurement quality of electronic components is stable, the channels are formal, and the procurement personnel are familiar with electronic raw materials and have a certain understanding of the performance of electronic components. All PCBA produced by the company are fully inspected and shipped to ensure that customers directly assemble and use. The quality assurance system is perfect to solve customers' worries after sales and use. We provide you with superb speed under the premise of ensuring quality.

PCBA processing flow:

1. Customers put forward their own PCBA processing requirements and provide data files needed for processing.

2. The company analyzes customer requirements and data files.

3. The company confirms the processing plan and quotes the customer according to the customer's requirements.

4. Purchasing the required materials according to the customer's needs and combined with the processing requirements.

5. Producing prototypes, testing, and feedback to customers.

6. Arrange for mass production.


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