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Victory Electronic Technology Gained ISO 13485:2016 System Certification 2020-05-11

Shenzhen Victory Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. gained ISO 13485:2016 System Certification on April 20, 2020, which proves this company is applicable to manufacturing of PCB for electronic medical equipment. And this has been assessed and registered by NQA against the provisions of ISO 13485:2016. The certification is shown as the following:

PCB Manufacturing Process Steps 2020-04-08

There is no such thing as a standard printed circuit board as each PCB has a single function for a particular product. Producing a PCB is a complex multi-step process. Here, we look at the most important steps in producing a multilayer PCB.

What Type of Companies Need PCB? 2020-03-15

A printed circuit board (PCB) is an electronic circuit used to connect electronic components. It also provides mechanical support for various electronic components assembled in the device. For inefficient thick-wired circuits, PCB is a very effective alternative, because thick-wired circuits are inefficient and take up more time and space to set up. Demand for PCBs has grown exponentially over the past few years.

Guide on PCB Manufacturing Process 2020-02-11

The printed circuit board (PCB) forms the backbone of all major electronic devices. These miraculous inventions appear in almost all computing electronics, including simpler devices such as digital clocks, calculators, and so on. In short, the PCB tells where power goes and makes your electronics come to life. As a professional PCB manufacturer, we are going to share the something about PCB with you.

Victory Staff Went for A Gorgeous Trip 2020-01-09

In Aug, 2019, Victory staff went for a summer trip. While enjoying life, the cohesion of the team and the cooperation sense between colleagues are also quietly rising. We went to Ye Jianying Memorial Hall and other famous scenes.

Victory Awards Outstanding Employees in Commendation Conference 2020-01-09

The busy 2019 has passed and the brand-new 2020 is coming. The new year breeds new goals and hopes. The Victory 2019 Spring Festival Annual Meeting and the Outstanding Employees Commendation Conference were held in December 2019. All the employees of Victory Company gathered and had a party together.

What is a PCB used for? 2019-12-30

In the early days of electronics, when vacuum tubes were king, all of the various components that made up an electronic device were connected together by soldering them either to each other or to terminal strips and tube sockets. Today, printed circuit boards have made connecting components simpler and cheaper.

VictoryPCB Expect to Meet You in IPC APEX EXPO 2020 2019-12-30

VictoryPCB always pursues best quality and better customer service. Since its establishment, VictoryPCB has owned great reputation in domestic and foreign market. In order to make more and more people all over the world know more about us, we decide to attend IPC APEX EXPO 2020. It will be held on 4th-6th in February 2019. Our booth number is 4002, Hall D. We will be waiting for you there. Welcome to inquiry and visit our booth.

VictoryPCB Is Waiting for You in Nepcon Japan 2020 2019-12-30

VictoryPCB is going to attend Nepcon Japan 2020. The exhibition will start on 15-17 in January 2020. Its address is Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. You can find VictoryPCB waiting for you there. We sincerely welcome your visit and inquiry.


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