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When thinking of the aerospace industry, we think of jumbo jets, new fighter jets, Martian flying rockets, flying cars and hybrid cars. The main aspects that affect the development of the aerospace industry are software, hardware, navigation, control and guidance. Many important things in aerospace engineering are undergoing the latest developments.

In order to obtain highly advanced electronic devices or gadgets for any aerospace product, rapid turn prototypes with effective engineers play a vital role in making the device successful. There are many types of PCBs used in the manufacture of heavy aerospace equipment.

Military and aerospace are two industries that utilize the most advanced electronic applications. The systems used in these fields require precision and superiority in terms of performance. There are several factors that affect the design of these PCBs:

Materials of Construction: PCB components used in military and aerospace applications must be strong enough to withstand high temperatures. Generally, high-temperature laminates (such as aluminum and copper substrates) are used in PCBs for aerospace and military applications. Today, anodized aluminum is used to minimize the effects of thermally induced oxidation. Various aluminum substrates combined with thermally conductive pre-nails are known to have weight advantages.

Reduce electromagnetic induction and attenuation: In the PCB assembly process for military and aerospace applications, the strands are immersed in hot melt solder, dried and cured. Dry welding can increase the dry strength. It helps to improve the conversion of multiple stranded wires into solid wires, eliminate air gaps, and stabilize airflow. This helps reduce the influence and attenuation of electromagnetic interference (EMI). Moreover, it also increases the reliability of aviation/military PCBs by approximately 2% to 5%.

Conformal coating and surface treatment: Most aerospace and defense applications are under extreme environmental conditions, such as continuous exposure to moisture, water, extreme temperatures and humidity. Therefore, the application of an appropriate conformal coating becomes important. Generally, consider using acid-based sprays for conformal coatings. Other types of surface treatments and coatings include ENIG, HASL, immersion silver, etc.

PCB-driven Aerospace & Military Applications

Here are some advanced aerospace and military applications that utilize high-quality PCBs:

  • Cryptanalysis System

  • Cyber counterintelligence system

  • Command and control system

  • Automatically search for interference systems

  • AMRAAM-advanced medium-range air-to-air missile

  • ECCM-Electronic Countermeasures

  • IADS-Integrated Air Defense System

  • AEW&C-Airborne Early Warning and Control

  • AWACS-Airborne Early Warning and Control System

  • ASRAAM-advanced short-range air-to-air missile

Victory PCB has been able to produce circuit boards that meet the high demands of aerospace and defense companies. As the demand for these applications continues to increase, printed circuit boards may need to go further. Highly customized heavy-duty PCBs are essential for electronic equipment used in the aerospace industry, and multilayer fast-turn prototypes, double-sided PCBs have been widely used.


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