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Printed Circuit Boards are extremely useful in the telecom industry. Many telecommunication devices with electronic components are supported under the help of high-end PCBs. VictoryPCB provides printed circuit board assembly and telecom PCB fabrication services for a range of telecom products to meet the industry’s diverse needs.

Telecommunications Printed Circuit Board Applications

Communication is the most important downstream application field of PCB. PCB has a wide range of applications in various aspects such as wireless network, transmission network, data communication and fixed network broadband, and it is usually added value such as backplane, high-frequency high-speed board, and multi-layer board. Higher product. 5G is the next generation mobile communication network, and there will be a large amount of infrastructure construction demand by then, which is expected to greatly boost the demand for communication boards. Here are the most common applications of the telecommunication industry that make efficient use of PCBs:

  • Wireless communication systems

  • Mobile phone tower systems

  • Telephonic switching systems

  • PBX systems

  • Industrial wireless communication technology

  • Technology for commercial phones

  • Video conferencing technologies

  • Communication technology used in space

  • Cell transmission and tower electronics

  • High speed servers and routers

  • Electronic data storage devices

  • Mobile communication systems

  • Satellite systems and communication devices

  • Video collaboration systems

  • Land wired communication systems

  • Technology for commercial phones

  • Digital and analog broadcasting systems

  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

  • Signal boost systems (online)

  • Security technology and information communication systems

PCB requirements in the communications field can be divided into sub-fields such as communications equipment and mobile terminals. Among them, communication equipment mainly refers to the communication infrastructure used for wired or wireless network transmission, including communication base stations, routers, switches, backbone network transmission equipment, microwave transmission equipment, fiber-to-the-home equipment, etc.

Telecommunications Printed Circuit Board Types


Flexible Circuits are intended to provide a flexible interconnect so that it can move, curve or bend in installation. These circuits are great when space is limited or movement of the circuit is required. Other benefits of using flexible PCBs include enhanced capabilities and reliability.


The PCB demand for communication equipment is mainly high-multilayer boards (8-16 layer boards account for about 35.18%), and there is a demand for packaging substrates of 8.95%; the PCB demand for mobile terminals is mainly concentrated in HDI and flexible boards And package substrate.


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