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Nowadays, the demand for industrial PCBs due to production process of PCBs has gone up due to growth in the industrial electronics market. As one of the leading electronic printed circuit board manufacturers, Our high quality PCBs products are widely used in industrial electronics. We are responsible for achieving maximum precision and perfection in our PCB design. Our PCBs can survive the harsh industrial environment. One of the main advantages of the printed circuit boards we design is that they are corrosion resistant.

Types of PCBs for Industrial Electronics

Rigid PCBs:Rigid PCBs are commonly used in electronics that provide strength to the circuits, make them rigid and prevent them from twisting.

Flexible circuit boards:Also known as flex circuits, they are made from flexible materials such as plastic, which can bend. This makes the mounting of components easy. Also, it helps reduce the complexity of the design by reducing the need for excess wiring and connectors.

Single-Sided PCBs:Also known as single-layer PCB, Single-sided means that the circuitry and the parts and components are placed only on one side of the board, meaning that this type of board is best suited to simple electronics.

Applications of Industrial Electronics PCBs

Here are a few application areas of industrial electronics PCBs:

  • Amplifiers

  • Analog meters

  • HVAC Controls (Heating)

  • Circuit protection

  • Instrumentation

  • Digital meters

  • Indicators & Displays

  • Line conditioners

  • Electro-mechanical controls

  • Industrial controls

  • Microprocessors

  • Power line monitors

  • Potentiometers

  • Power monitoring

  • Safety & signaling

  • Solid state relays

  • Electro-mechanical controls

  • Indicators & Displays

  • Overload relays

  • Oscilloscopes

  • Microprocessors

  • Battery systems

  • Fiber optics

Victory offers a variety of PCBs, whether it is copper-bonded thermal products, multilayer PCBs are composed of blind holes and buried through-hole connections, heavy-duty copper PCB or controlled impedance is a concept that highly meets the current industrial PCB needs.


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