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2 Layer Yellow PCB Board with 1oz Finished Copper Thickness 2 Layer Yellow PCB Board with 1oz Finished Copper Thickness

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Product Description

A yellow PCB is essentially a regular printed circuit board with a yellow solder mask applied. The choice of a yellow solder mask might be due to aesthetic preferences, ease of inspection, or simply personal or company preference. Regardless of color, the solder mask serves the crucial function of protecting the circuitry and preventing short circuits.

Yellow Soldermask Color PCB

  • Monthy Capability: 1800 Sq M/Month

  • Layer: 2 Layers

  • Material: FR4 TG170

  • Dimension: 217.54mm*287.14mm

  • Finished board thickness: 1.6mm

  • Finished copper thickness: 1oz

  • Surface finishing: LF HAL

  • Soldermask Color: Yellow

Characteristics of Yellow PCB

  • Color: The most distinguishing feature of a yellow PCB is its bright yellow color. The yellow solder mask gives the entire board a yellow hue.

  • Visibility: Yellow PCBs offer good contrast between the traces, pads, and the solder mask, which can make inspection and debugging processes easier.

  • Aesthetics: Some manufacturers and designers might choose a yellow solder mask for aesthetic reasons, especially if the PCB is visible in the final product. While pink pcbs are less common but can provide a unique and eye-catching appearance. They might be chosen for specific design themes or branding purposes.

  • Usage: Yellow PCBs are used in various electronic applications, similar to PCBs with other solder mask colors.

Yellow PCB for PCB Design

The use of a yellow solder mask for your Printed Circuit Board can indeed add a unique and artistic touch to your design. The coppery and dark-colored hue can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the board, making it stand out, especially if the PCB is a visible component of the final product. Here’s a more detailed look at how a yellow solder mask might be beneficial for customized and artistic PCB designs:

  • Artistic Touch: The yellow solder mask can provide a warm, coppery tone that adds an artistic flair to the PCB. This can be particularly advantageous if the board is part of a product where aesthetics are a priority.

  • Trace and Component Visibility: The contrast between the yellow solder mask and the copper traces can enhance the visibility of the board’s components and traces, making it easier for technicians and engineers to work on the board.

  • Brand Identity: Companies can use the yellow solder mask as part of their brand identity, creating a consistent and recognizable look across their products.

Advantage of Victory PCB

  • A Professional PCB Manufacturer since 2005

  • Small and Middle/Large batches, Multiple Varities, Short Lead Time

  • Certificated with UL (E315391), ISO 14001, IATF16949, ISO 9001, SGS, ISO13485, SA8000

  • Capablity 60,000Sqm/3000PNs per month, 500staffs

  • Make oversized board (reach to 1200mm)

  • Quotation will be provided within 12hours

  • 15 years experience on PCB exporting

  • 10% sales revenue invested in R&D and advanced automatic equipment from Japan, Taiwan and Germany every year

  • Product:Single Sided, Double Sided and Multilayer PCB, Rigid PCB,Flex PCB,Rigid-flex PCB,AL-base PCB.

PCB Production Capability

Material CEM-3,FR-4(Normal to High Tg),High CTI FR-4,PolyImide(PI) ,Aluminum Base,Rogers
Surface finish HAL, HASL Leadfree, ENIG, Chem Tin, OSP, Gold Finger, Immersion Silver, ENEPIG
Min. Core thickness 4mil/0.1mm
Prepreg type 1080, 2116, 7628, 106, 3313, 2165, 1500.
Max board size 24.41X47.24inch/620X1200mm
Copper thickness Min. base copper 1/3Oz
Max. base copper 10Oz
Min. board thickness 2- Layer 0.2mm/8mil
4-Layer 0.35mm/14mil
6-layer 0.65mm/26mil
8-Layer 1.0mm/40mil
10-Layer 1.3mm/51mil
12-Layer 1.6mm/63mil
14-Layer 1.8mm/71mil
16-Layer 2.0mm/79mil
AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) Max.table size: 685X685mm
Max.inspect size: 620X620mm
Max. thickness: 3.20mm(126mil)
Min. thickness: 0.10mm(4mil)-core
Min. width/gap: 3mil/3mil
Board thickness Tolerance ±0.10mm(4/6layers)
Max.board thickness 6.0mm/236mil
Min.line width/space 3/3mil
Min hole size 4mil/0.1mm
PTH wall thickness ≧25µm
Max. aspect ratio 12:01
PTH dia. Tolerance ±0.075mm/3mil(Standard), ±0.05mm/2mil(Advanced)
NPTH dia. Tolerance ±0.05mm/2mil(On laminate area)
±0.03mm(On ground area)
Hole location Tolerance ±0.075(Standard) ±0.05mm(Advanced)
±0.13(2nd drilled hole to 1st drilled hole location (mm)
Slot size tolerance ±0.075mm(board thickness≤1.0mm)
±0.10mm (board thickness>1.00mm)
V-CUT Remain thickness tolerance ±0.10mm(Standard), ±0.076mm(Advanced)
Peelable mask Thickness ≥8mil(0.2mm)
Insulation Resistance >1012Ω
Through hole Resistance <300Ω
Current breakdown 10A
Peel Strength 1.4N/mm
S/M Abrasion >6H
Thermal stress 288℃ 20Sec
Test Voltage 20-300V
Min.blind/burried via 4mil/0.1mm
Impedance control (50Ω-100Ω)±10%(Standard)、(50Ω-100Ω)±7%(Advanced)

Quality Control

We have 55 QC, FQC, QA specialists who utilize 100 testing devices, advanced techniques like IMDS and PPAP. Our products are tested in physics lab strictly before shipment on every part number. And report will be included in carton. All of our pcbs are RoHs/Reach/CE compliant.

Staffs in Quality department get traning once per week to be skilled and professional.

Major test items:
outgoing insepction test micro section test solderability test temperature test thermal stress test electric test Full Inspection


How about the shipment?

1. FedEx/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples, Door-to-Door;

2. By Air or by Sea for batch goods, for FCL; Airport/ Port receiving;
3. Delivery Time: 3-10 days for samples; 8-15 days for batch goods.


What‘s your package like?

1. Solid

2. Professional

3. No broken during the shipment

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