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What is Immersion Silver Finish?

Immersion Silver also called immersion Ag, is the standard finish and RoHS compliant finish available on any PCB configuration. It has excellent flatness and can replace Immersion Gold over Electroless Nickel (Au/Ni) for most applications. Immersion silver is well suited to lead-free assembly techniques and less expensive than Electroless-Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG), safer than immersion tin. This finish is most commonly used for aluminum wire bonding, metallic dome contacts, and EMI shielding.

The Advantages & Disadvantages for Immersion Tin

  • RoHS complaint

  • Environment friendly

  • Excellent flatness

  • Good for fine pitch / BGA / smaller components

  • Cost effective

  • Good alternative to ENIG

  • Can be reworked

  • Very sensitive to handling / tarnishing / cosmetic concerns – gloves must be used

  • Silver Whiskering

  • Not recommended to use peelable masks

  • Should not plug holes from one side only

  • Some Systems Cannot Throw into Micro-Via Aspect Ratios of > 1:1

  • High Friction Coefficient/Not Suited to Compliant-Pin Insertion (Ni-Au Pins)

Check VictoryPCB Immersion Silver PCB manufacturing capabilities in the following table:

Surface FinishContentTechnological capability
Immersion Ag
(According to IPC-4553A)
Max panel size406*533mm
Board thickness0.20   – 3.2mm
Immersion Ag thickness0.05-0.3um

Immersion Silver Plating Process

The immersion silver process is between organic coating and electroless nickel/gold plating, and the process is relatively simple and fast. Even if exposed to heat, humidity and pollution, silver can still maintain good solderability, but will lose its luster. Silver does not have the good physical strength of electroless nickel/gold plating because there is no nickel under the silver layer.


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