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Why Use Double-sided PCB?

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Have you ever wondered if double-sided PCB is worth using? Unlike single-sided PCBs, double-sided PCBs are also more cost-effective than single-sided boards.

They usually require less material and do not require solder or reflow soldering processes. More also, using double-sided PCB allows signals to travel faster than single-sided boards.

They travel faster because there are no gaps between layers when stacked together in the circuit board assembly process. In this article, you will discover a few reasons why double-sided PCBs are worth using.

Reasons why double-sided PCBs are worth using

· They are cost-effective

Double-sided PCBs are a cost-effective way to make your product. Here's why:

1. Manufacturing cost.

Double-sided boards are cheaper to manufacture because the two sides can be made at the same time and then installed in the same process, instead of one side being built and another side being built separately.

2. Assembly cost.

The assembly process for double-sided boards is faster than for single-sided boards due to fewer layers needed for each component (and no need for test equipment).

This means less time spent by employees at manufacturing plants waiting on others or parts themselves during assembly processes

3. Testing cost.

Because you're using fewer layers per component, there's less handwork involved during testing procedures such as drills, scribes, and manual etching operations.

double-sided PCB

4. Shipping cost.

 Shipping costs tend toward 50% less when shipping multiple orders together (versus just one large order) since FedEx charges per pound not per box size like UPS does.

This helps you save money while shipping products across borders easily without paying extra fees.

5. Inventory costs.

By batching up lots of identical components together into larger batches before they are shipped out individually rather than having them shipped separately so they're easier manageable later down line -

· They are stable

Many of the benefits of a double-sided PCB are related to its stability. The printed circuit board is more stable than traditional single-sided boards, which means it will last longer and be less likely to fail.

This also makes your product more durable and reliable because you can trust that your circuits won't break down over time or get damaged by external factors like heat or moisture.

The increased stability also means that you have fewer problems with PCB footprints being too big or too small (which could cause issues with mounting components).

· They have fast signal propagation

Double-sided PCBs are faster than single-sided boards because they have less distance to travel. The signal travels through both layers of the board, so there's less distance for that signal to cross.

· A double-sided PCB is much smaller

Double-sided PCB is much smaller than double-sided tape. This means that you can fit more components in the same space, which is important for saving money and weight.

The smaller size also allows for a lower cost of production because fewer materials are needed to make the circuit board. The smaller size also allows for more flexibility when designing your circuit board.

You can create different shapes and sizes without having to use larger boards or multiple pieces of plastic material on top of each other (which would make things harder to assemble).

Purchase your double-sided PCB from us

After going through some of the benefits of double-sided PCBs, we hope you have found a reason to use double-sided PCBs.

They are more affordable and much smaller than their single-sided counterparts which means your board will fit into small spaces with ease.

We manufacture top-quality double-sided PCBs and will be happy to supply you at a very affordable price. If you need more information about our products and services kindly click here.

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