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How to Use Double-Sided Prototype PCB

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Another name for double-sided PCB circuit boards is double-sided plated DSPT or Thru. The entry point to more advanced technological applications is double-sided PCB circuits.

One of its benefits is that it alternates between a top and bottom layer, enabling closer or more routing traces. The Double-sided board has conductive paths made of silkscreen, solder masks, and copper on both sides.

It has applications in electronics and higher technologies that can be used in traffic control systems, test equipment, power conversion, printers, hard drives, regulators, and dashboards for cars, and industries, among others.

These double-sided prototype PCBs are now more common than ever, and they may be made smaller thanks to advancements in manufacturing technology and the complexity of current electronics.

In this article, I will take you through the application or how to use a double-sided prototype PCB.

 double-sided PCB

What is the usefulness of a double-sided prototype PCB


These are products used by the public. Most consumers seem to use it daily such as microwaves, laptops, smartwatches, and phones, among others. Most of the above-listed electronics contain double-sided prototype PCBs.

Computer Electronics

Double-sided prototype PCBs are used in all kinds of devices, including servers and motherboards, mainly due to their high functionality and ability to save space. Its major vital characteristic is its performance.

Also, the benefits derived from it are higher than the cost.


Communication is vital in this age. People are much more concerned about what is going on within and outside their environment. This double-sided PCB is found in telecommunication appliances such as GPS, signal transmission, and satellite, among others. Its durability and functionality cannot be underestimated.


Double-sided PCBs are also useful for running types of machinery such as cars, airplanes, buses, and all other machinery. The major benefits the industrial sector derives from it is functionality, small size, and durability.

Medical devices

These double-sided prototype PCBs are also very useful in the health care system. The above can be found in most equipment used in the hospital such as X-ray equipment, medical testing devices, heart monitors, and scan equipment, among others.

Military and Defense

One of the major benefits derived from this circuit is that it is low weight. It is beneficial in high seed circuits, which is the major objective of the military and defense personnel

Military and Defense: Favored for their durability, functionality, and low weight, multilayer PCBs are useful in high-speed circuits, which is becoming an increasing priority for military applications.


Such as jets, rockets, and space crafts, among others bank so much on circuits in the modern era. In the sense that space is entirely another environment on its own. Space crafts, and rockets, among others visiting space must have the ability to withstand the stress of the environment. The double-sided PCB provides a paragon solution in this case.


The double-sided prototype PCB is useful in every sector, such as the agricultural sector, education sector, and manufacturing industries, among others.

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The durability and functionality of the above-stated PCB cannot be underestimated, having gone through the article. It is virtually useful in almost all sectors you can think of.

Kindly contact us for more details on how to get durable/quality double-sided prototype PCBs.

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