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Prototype Environment Testing Procedure for PCBA

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Electrical PCBA testing can uncover everything about process flaws. Process flaws occur throughout the circuit board assembly process.

Component values that are incorrect, solder shorts, missing components, and backward components are examples.

Launching a new product is a massive undertaking. Bills of materials must be filled, parts must be ordered, and machines must be programmed.

When building a PCBA for the first time, the procedure may need to be modified to eliminate solder shorts and other faults. There are numerous chances for problems to occur.

The good news is that process flaws are frequently simple to fix without having to reinvent the board.

Design flaws, on the other hand, are flaws that frequently need a board redesign i.e. circuit design problems, incorrect trace outings, and missed components.

Some design flaws are simple to fix and don’t necessitate re-spinning the PCB.

Electrical testing allows for early detection of issues before the full order is completed, reducing rework and ultimately saving money and time.

Therefore, if you need to buy a PCBA product, ensure it is from a reliable manufacturer.


Quick-turn prototype types testing

· Flying Probe

A prototype's Flying Probe is a must-have component. Multiple electrical test probes that can move in any axis are used in a flying probe to test components on a PCBA.

The PCBA can then be measured across and each component verified using tests. Only the components that flying probes have access to can be tested.

The part will not be tested if a solder joint is occluded, or test point pads are unavailable.

In addition, as with any in-circuit testing, determining the true values of components might be challenging at times.

The flying probe does its best to isolate and control current flow in a circuit so that a component can be tested more precisely.

Flying probes are slower than other test methods, thus they're appropriate for low-volume prototype constructions.

On the other hand, they outperform other test procedures in quick-turn scenarios since they don't have the hardware development overhead that bed-of-nails and other test systems do.

If the PCB layout changes and you want to add or delete tests, changing a flying probe test is simple.

Other test methods can make this challenging. Flying probes can probe solder junctions, which isn't ideal for bed-of-nails fixtures.

As a result, the optimum solution for Quick-Turn Prototype testing is the flying probe.

· Automatic Optical Inspection

It uses a computer-controlled camera and software to inspect the PCBA after it has been constructed fast and correctly.

This is a fully automated testing system. The computer may detect several assembly errors (such as solder shorts, missing components, incorrect polarity) and alert the operator.

AOIs are generally installed in-line with PCBA assembly machines, allowing them to detect a problem as soon as the first board is constructed and before additional PCBAs are manufactured.

The development and modification of AOIs programs is quick and painless.

· X-Ray

X-Ray testing can be used to evaluate the quality of solder joints behind components that have concealed solder connections, similar to how an X-Ray in a hospital allows doctor to view the bones and other items under the skin and tissues.

This aids in the detection of solder voids and other difficulties with the soldering process.

The X-Ray does not use film and instead displays a live image on a screen for the operator to view and inspect.

The software also includes features for displaying 3D density images to aid with visual solder joint analysis.

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