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Top 10 PCB Manufacturers in the USA (Updated in 2024) 2024-03-18

Explore the 2024 rankings of the top PCB manufacturers in the United States. Learn about their strengths in technology, quality, and service to make an informed decision for your next PCB project.

PCB Silkscreen: What is Silkscreen on PCB & How the Silkscreen Process 2024-03-11

The silkscreen layer on a printed circuit board is an essential component of electronic manufacturing, providing crucial information for the assembly, testing, and maintenance of electronic devices.

How to Reduce Stray Capacitance in PCB Layout 2024-03-11

Stray capacitance in PCB layouts can degrade signal integrity and performance, particularly in high-frequency and precision analog circuits.

Plated Through Hole VS Via: What's the Difference 2024-02-27

Plated Through Hole and vias are holes used in PCBs for conducting electricity. PTHs pass through the entire board and connect different layers. In contrast, vias are used to connect different parts or components on the same PCB layer.

What is a PCB Gerber File? Your Essential Guide to PCB Design Basics 2024-02-18

The evolution of Gerber files marks a pivotal shift in the landscape of pcb production. Prior to their adoption, the absence of a standardized guideline led to a maze of diversified content formats — from graphic to textual, bitmap to vector — each with its own set of challenges.

Lead vs Lead-Free Solder: A Strategic Guide for Successful PCB Assembly 2024-01-03

The evolution of soldering technologies in the electronics industry has been marked by a pivotal shift from traditional lead-based solders to environmentally-conscious lead-free alternatives.

Cutting-Edge SMT Line Process in PCB Manufacturing 2023-12-25

Surface mount technology (SMT) is an aspect of electronics assembly in which electronic components, also known as surface mount devices (SMD), are mounted directly to the surface of a printed circuit board (PCB).

10 Layer PCB: Essential Guide for PCB Stackup Design & Applications 2023-12-19

Printed circuit boards are becoming more complex to accommodate higher density components and more complex functionality. The 10-layer PCB is a prime example of this evolution.

PWB vs PCB Differences: A Quick Guide 2023-12-12

PWB vs PCB: Discover the key differences that set these electronic components apart. Our article provides an in-depth look at their design, functionality, and role in modern electronics.

8-Layer PCB Stackup: A Comprehensive Guide 2023-11-20

8 layer PCB is suitable for complex electronic products that require high circuit density, such as computer motherboards, audio equipment, and network equipment, and is a popular choice in the electronics industry.

What is HDI PCB? A Complete Guide to High-Density Interconnect PCB 2023-11-17

High-Density Interconnector (HDI) PCBs are essential in modern electronics, offering advanced technology that makes electronic devices smaller, faster, and more efficient.

Polyimide PCB vs FR4: Making the Right Choice for PCB Material 2023-10-30

Over the years, Polyimide PCBs have carved a niche for themselves in the industry, thanks to their unique properties and advantages. As technology advances and demands evolve, the choice of PCB material becomes crucial.


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