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ShenZhen Victory Electronic Annual Meeting Was Successful

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While sales and a good customer service seems to be the backbone of any establishment, the expertise and operations of the management team also play a vital role to the growth of any company.


For this purpose, having a management team that is made up of goal-oriented individuals who are willing and ready to work as a team is the only way to make the effort of the company to count in a positive direction.


While these facts are true of any establishment, for us here in ShenZhen Victory Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., we can say that our management team and the entire workforce of our company is one that is made up of individuals with a vision of greatness for the company.

 ShenZhen Victory Electronic Annual Meeting

In the light of the above, the management of the company deemed it fit that there should be an annual general meeting of all heads of the various departments of the company to discuss on how the company will move forward.


The annual meeting, which was held on January 8th, 2021 as the company’s conference hall featured series of activities and discussions, which were all geared towards ensuring that the company rise to an enviable height. Top on the list of the agenda of the annual meeting was a critical analysis and evaluation of the work summary of year 2020.


No doubt, the year 2020 has been a very unusual one, especially with so many effect on business globally due to the rise in the COVID-19 pandemic.


However, we are still thankful as an organization that we weren’t consumed in the heat of the pandemic.


Besides taking a retrospective view as some events and how business went throughout the outgone year, the annual meeting also featured deliberations on the sales plan of the sales team for the company.


With this, the head of the sales team presented to the house the strategies which they have put in place to ensure that the company enjoy rave sales in the year 2021.

 ShenZhen Victory Electronic Annual Meeting

While presenting the sales strategies of the sales team at the meeting, it was also a unanimous agreement by all members of staff of the management  team together with the sales team that the company is working towards hitting a sales target of 300 million RMB in the current year.


With this, it is expected that the company should be able to bounce back from some losses recorded in the last year due to the effect of the pandemic.

 ShenZhen Victory Electronic Annual Meeting

Before the meeting was brought to a close, the management also recognized the some members of the staf whose performance in the outgone year was exceedingly commendable.


In this regards, those staff whose performance was highly encouraging and impressive in the year 2020 were given some medals and other gift items as a way of encouraging them to keep up the good work.


With this, it is expected that other members of staff within the company will also emulate such high level of commitment and dedication to their duties, all in a bid to ensure that the company keeps growing and developing as the year flips over.

 ShenZhen Victory Electronic Annual Meeting

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