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We Are Celebrating Christmas With Our Heavy Copper PCB Clients

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As the year gradually wind up, many companies in the heavy copper PCB industry as also rounding up the year in style with lots of memorable and joyful moments to share with their clients and workers.


While this is seen as the norm for every organization that is customer-based with a high level of love for their teeming clients, we have also made adequate plans to ensure that this year’s Christmas celebration will be a huge one for both our staff and customers.


Being a renowned manufacturer of heavy copper PCB, we have tried over the years to remain at the top spot as a trusted supplier of different types of PCB products for all our clients, both locally and internally.


What has made us to achieve this feat isn’t far-fetched. Hard work, dedication to quality and an uncompromised decision to give our clients the best products at all time.


For this reason, we have managed to gain the hearts of our teeming clients who are always patronizing us for all their heavy copper PCB and other PCB products.


While we are always glad to see that our clients come back to patronize us over and over again, we do also look out for a time where we can reciprocate the love and patronage we enjoy from them.


In response to this, we have decided that this year’s Christmas celebration will be the perfect time to show our customers that we value and appreciate their patronage throughout the year.


So, the company has sent out a couple of gift items to some our loyal clients who have been consistent in patronizing us and our products. And to other category of our clients, we sent goodwill messages to them and to others we sent greetings card to them as a show of our care for them and their loved ones.

 Merry Christmas

Back here in the company, various categories of staff were also appreciated for their commitment and hard work towards the growth of the company.


In this regard, the company shared various gift items for all the staff in order to give them a memorable and blissful time with their friends, family and loved ones during the Christmas celebration.


While responding to this kind gesture from the company one of our clients from Singapore expressed their gratitude for such an amazing step of kindness and love expressed by the company.


And they added that they will always patronize us for our high-quality heavy copper PCB and other electronic components whenever the need arises.


From all of us at ShenZhen Victory Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., we are wishing all our customers, staff, friends and partners a merry Christmas celebration in this season.

 Merry Christmas

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For this reason, we always present ourselves as a dependable supplier that is ever ready and committed to proving all our clients, both new and old with the best products per time. So, whenever you are in need of a durable and high-quality heavy copper PCB, you can easy reach us by clicking here. We look forward to a great time with you on all our premium products.

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I am the Engineering and Sales supervisor working in Victorypcb from 2015. During the past years, I have been reponsible for all oversea exhibitions like USA(IPC Apex Expo), Europe(Munich Electronica) and Japan(Nepcon) etc. Our factory founded in 2005, now have 1521 clients all over the world and occupied very good reputation among them.


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