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Victory Staff Went for A Gorgeous Trip

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In Aug, 2019, Victory staff went for a summer trip. While enjoying life, the cohesion of the team and the cooperation sense between colleagues are also quietly rising. We went to Ye Jianying Memorial Hall and other famous scenes.

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The trip was wonderful. Everyone is more familiar with each other during the journey, they tried to help each other, understand each other and made everything more harmonious and beautiful.

This trip not only enriched the spare time of employees, but also allowed everyone to experience the warmth and care of the company, which improved the cohesion of the company and fully demonstrated the team spirit of the company. We have talked and laughed along the way, and ended the trip with laughter. We are grateful to the company and we wish our company and employees more brilliant in 2020!

Victory is a professional PCB manufacturer which established in 2005. Adhere to be a specialized manufacturer for multiply species, small to medium series, and quick turn production, we insist to provide 3H (high quality, high precision and high density) PCBs for our customers. If you are interested in PCB,please feel free to contact us. 


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