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PCB Production Is Developing Towards Energy Conservation And Environmental Protection

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PCB is not only the most important mechanical support for fixing, linking and assembling various components, components and integrated circuits of an electronic product, but also enables electronic products to have high reliability, good consistency, high mechanical strength,light weight, small size, easy to standardize and other advantages and characteristics of basic components. Although PCB can be called a high-tech product in the electronics industry, the development of PCB is not only challenged by its own cost-benefit issues, but also challenges from external energy conservation and environmental protection, especially the energy conservation and environmental protection requirements of electronic product manufacturers and the requirements of society. Therefore, PCB must take the road of green development, and must put energy conservation, consumption reduction, emission reduction and pollution control on an important position in the development of the industry. With the rapid development of the industry, competition in the PCB industry has become more and more fierce. Energy conservation and consumption reduction are not only implementing the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy, but also an important means for enterprises to reduce production costs and improve their competitiveness. The energy-saving of PCB enterprises can only rely on technological progress, especially the innovative PCB production process. Although the overall situation is relatively difficult, it is possible to start locally and change the lengthy PCB process step by step. At present, we can proceed from the following aspects.


1. We should make unremitting efforts to continue to promote digital inkjet printing technology to replace screen printing, and to use 3D printing technology to replace the etching of PCB electronic circuits. This will be one of the ways for PCB companies to achieve energy saving.


2. Vigorously promote the compressed air energy saving program. Compressed air is the most widely used in PCB companies. The energy consumption of compressed air in most manufacturers accounts for 20%-35% of all power consumption. Focusing on the energy saving of compressed air can make the PCB industry energy-saving work get twice the result with half the effort.


3. Increase efforts to take effective measures in the PCB electroplating process, adopt energy-saving electroplating power supplies, and improve electroplating efficiency, which can also receive surprising energy-saving effects. For example, in the field of hole metallization, the direct electroplating technology of organic conductive film that has emerged in recent years has been recognized and used by more and more companies. The direct electroplating technology of polymer conductive film that integrates many advantages has also been accepted by the market and widely used. The hole metallization process has no formaldehyde gas emission, which not only greatly improves the working environment, but also has no complex waste water, simple treatment method, greatly saves water and electricity, greatly reduces operating costs.


4. Promote high-efficiency and energy-saving motors in PCB companies and carry out technological transformation of PCB production equipment. Industry associations can take the lead in introducing energy-saving service companies and institutions, and innovate energy-saving models, which is expected to achieve a power saving effect of about 20%.


As a professional PCB manufacturer, Victorypcb always adheres to the green road in our production. We always firmly believe that only the green road is the long-term road for our enterprise. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us in time.

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