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What’s Difference Between PCB And PCBA?

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PCB’s whole name is Printed Circuit Board or PWB(Printed Wire Board),It’s the support of electronic components and the carrier of electrical connection of electronic components.Like below:


PCBA’s whole name is Printed Circuit Board Assembly.Like below:


When you need do PCBA,you’d better send gerber data,PCB spec and BOM(Bill of Material:see blow) to factory


The easy way to find out the difference between PCB and PCBA: PCB is bare board without components; PCBA have many components on PCB,like capacitance,resistance and IC.When PCB go through SMD,DIP and some test(like In-Circuit test,Functional test etc),then,a PCBA have finished.

As the international division of labor is increasingly details, clearly, China, as the factory of the world with a sound industrial chain, a large number of outstanding foreign product introduction to the Chinese manufacturers can greatly reduce the foreign products production costs and enhance competitiveness.

Most of customer have purchase PCB from Asia,assembly it at local.

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