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What is Immersion Gold PCB? Cheap Immersion Manufacturing

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A printed circuit board (PCB) with immersion gold conductors is a PCB in which the copper conductors have been coated with a thin layer of gold. As well as protecting the copper from corrosion and oxidation, the gold layer improves solderability. Immersion gold PCBs are commonly used in high-reliability applications, such as telecommunications and medical devices.


It is a relatively simple and cost-effective gold coating process, which makes it a popular choice for PCBs with no thick gold coating. Cleaning and activating the PCB are the first steps in the process. Afterward, the PCB is immersed in gold chloride solution, where a thin layer of gold is deposited on the copper conductors. Once the PCB is rinsed and dried, it can now be used.

Thanks to its own capabilities and equipment, the Victory PCB Company is pleased to offer not only planned production of boards, but also urgent production. In order to order urgent production, you can fill out the form on the website or come to the office, where you can get additional advice if necessary. Boards can be created both in serial batches and individually.


Immersion Gold Printed circuit boards are used for:

telecommunications technology;

the Internet;

industrial automation;


Proposed Immersion gold PCB, the price of which should be affordable, and the work should be continuous, is the motto of our company. Therefore, we suggest using affordable boards rather than expensive electronic counterparts. Thanks to the boards, high-quality products are created that ensure the continuous operation of the equipment.

The Victory PCB company offers to produce high-quality and reliable boards of any complexity at an affordable cost, ensuring the continuous operation of equipment and complying with the norms and standards, as well as the wishes and requirements of the customer.

The boards are produced on modern equipment, which allows us to make a high-quality product of any complexity even in the shortest possible time. If necessary, it will be possible to quickly create boards of various levels of complexity and any configuration.

Production price of Immersion Gold PCB

The price of the board may depend on many factors and the components used. 

The cost depends on:

1. material used.

2. Board sizes.

3. The thickness of the applied mask layer.

4. The thickness of the foil used.

5. The number of holes produced.

6. The complexity of the product and the selected accuracy class. 

To find out the exact cost of manufacturing a part, you must send an application indicating your wishes and requirements in order to receive a call back from the operator who will tell you about the cost of manufacturing, as well as the timing.

Scope of application of immersion gold printed circuit boards

Simple and cheap to manufacture, immersion gold boards are widely used in the manufacture of layouts, in amateur design. They are also used in household appliances, including:


in switching devices;

in automatic control systems;

in measuring instruments, power supplies;

in LED lamps.

Design and materials for the manufacture of immersion gold printed circuit boards

The basis of a immersion gold board is a layered dielectric. Usually it is fiberglass or composite materials impregnated with bakelite or epoxy resin. To create a facing layer, electro technical foil made of high-purity copper is most often used.

A conductive pattern (topology) is formed on the surface of the board by chemical or mechanical processing. A layer of solder mask and topcoat is applied to the surface with a conductive pattern to:

prevent solder from spreading;

to simplify the visual control of installation work;

protect the printed circuit board from the effects of adverse factors.

Technologies for the production of immersion gold printed circuit boards

To create a conductive pattern of a immersion gold printed circuit board, in most cases, a subtractive method is used, in which a protective coating is applied to the pattern of conductors, and metal is chemically etched from unprotected areas.

Main stages:

cutting blanks from a dielectric with a foil layer;

drilling technological holes;

foil layer deoxidation;

applying a photoresist through a stencil to form the topology;

chemical etching (removal of foil from unprotected areas);

washing of photoresist;

applying a solder mask;

applying a finish coat;

labeling and quality control.

In the manufacture of high-resolution immersion gold printed circuit boards, a photo printing method is used to form a topology instead of a screen method for applying a photoresist.

Contract assembly of Immersion Gold PCB

If a company offers services for contract development, production and assembly of printed circuit boards, its specialists undertake the entire range of work, from PCB design based on the technical specifications provided by the customer, to the installation of electronic components.

Some companies specialize only in the production of printed circuit boards (piece, small and large-scale) or only in their assembly. Contract assembly of immersion gold pcb, including immersion gold ones, includes:

development of technical specifications, preparation of drawings;

preparation of a design of PCB, stencils for surface mounting of components within the framework of design requirements;

assembly work (manual or automated assembly);

application of a moisture-proof coating to printed assemblies;

functional control, quality control at each stage of assembly, verification of compliance with the requirements of technical specifications;

testing of finished printed circuit assemblies;

packaging of products using materials that exclude damage to the printed circuit board during transportation and storage.

To order a contract assembly of boards, it is necessary to provide assembly drawings, information about the area of ​​the board, the number of layers, as well as a list of components and specific installation requirements.

Cheap Immersion Gold PCB manufacturing

When looking for a contractor who offers to produce inexpensive printed circuit boards according to the provided project, you should focus on the volume of the order. There are three areas of activity in the printed circuit board market:

Express production of printed circuit boards, prototyping. Order volume up to 25 dm2, lead time - up to 1 week.

Small-scale production of PP. Order volume up to 1000 dm2, lead time - 2-3 weeks.

Large-scale, mass production of boards. The volume of the order is more than 1000 dm2, the lead time is from 4 weeks.

The choice of technology, the organization of production processes and logistics depend on the volume of orders. Companies engaged in the mass production of printed circuit boards ensure the stability of product characteristics, uninterrupted supply of products. At the same time, a limited number of card types are produced.

Organizations specializing in PCB prototypes are ready to implement almost any project and do it in a short time. The same companies are often engaged in small-scale production of PP. It is they who manufacture printed circuit boards inexpensively for those customers who do not have a need for piece or mass production of printed circuit assemblies.

Before ordering a printed circuit board according to the scheme, you should pay attention to what information and in what format must be provided by the customer. To create a printed circuit board, you need a file with its topology and a drill file. It is important that the file format is included in the list specified by the manufacturer of the software - only in this case they are suitable for use on existing equipment.

When ordering a printed circuit board, they usually provide:

description of the PP (in free style or on the artist's letterhead);

board topology file;

drilling file;

text description of pads (if required).

Chinese companies often offer assistance in the development of printed circuit boards, in the choice of manufacturing materials. It is possible to order printed circuit boards according to the scheme - specialists using computer-aided design (CAD) tools convert the electrical circuit described by the circuit diagram into the physical layout of the PCB. 

At the design stage, the shape of the board is determined, pads are created, and the outputs of electronic components are connected by traces.

The designer manually or using automated means places components on the surface of the PCB, taking into account applicable restrictions, thermal requirements, etc. The routing is then performed according to the board's interconnect list. Routing is also done by an auto router or manually. The best option is the final manual revision of the trace created by automated means.

The CAD toolkit includes verification tools to control the compliance of the routing with the rules, the correctness of the connection of the circuits. After verification, an output file is generated in the required format - it is he who is subsequently used to manufacture the printed circuit board.

Where to order printed circuit board production?

Victory PCB is ready to provide the production of gold immersion PCB on the most favorable terms and in the shortest possible time. Only experienced and qualified specialists work here, who can create a high-quality and reliable printed circuit board through the use of innovative technologies. It will also be beneficial to create a project and implement it.

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