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PCB Board Price: Updated 2023 Online Quote

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PCB manufacturing, commonly called PCBs, is a common challenge faced by engineers and technicians tasked with creating high-quality PCBs for their customers at affordable prices. A printed circuit board, or printed circuit board, is a plate of dielectric material containing conductive circuitry and used to physically or electrically connect different parts of a device. Printed circuit board (PCB) production costs range from $10 to $50 per board, but this figure can vary greatly depending on many factors.

Factors that determine the cost of printed circuit boards

Many factors, including labour, PCB size, number of layers, material type, holes and technology, determine the cost of manufacturing a printed circuit board (PCB).

PCB manufacturing is labour-intensive and expensive, requiring highly trained personnel and specialized equipment.

PCBs can be made from materials such as solder, fibreglass, polymer paint and conductive layers, including copper, gold or silver. PCBs can also vary in size, the number of layers they contain, the type of material they are made of, and the holes they contain. The board's sensitivity to heat can vary depending on which components are present.

The technology used in PCB manufacturing costs depend on the technology used in the manufacturing process. Surface mount technology (SMT) processing costs are cheaper, and the method uses a lot of automation, resulting in lower overall prices.

PCB Design Costs

PCB Board Price

The cost of creating a printed circuit board (PCB) can be $10,000 or more. PCB design software can make working with design teams and suppliers easier by reducing the number of components needed without sacrificing quality and increasing component standardization.

Ways to reduce PCB design costs and save money

When it comes to PCB design, you can cut costs by following some simple guidelines like the following:

It's choosing the right design software, preferably one that supports design-to-assembly (DFA) and design-to-analysis (DFA), as this partially facilitates standardization.

Understanding the complexity of PCB design will help you understand the cost of a project. Hire willing and experienced PCB engineers at competitive hourly rates.

Basic principles of cost calculation

The cost of printed circuit boards depends on the following:

· from manufacturing technology, which dictates the choice of materials;

· from the volume of the order;

· from deadlines.

When choosing where to order a printed circuit board, you should pay attention to companies that assist in preparing the layout. This will allow the preparatory stage to eliminate possible errors. 

Rough estimate

PCB Board Price 

Many companies offer to use an online calculator for a preliminary calculation of the cost of printed circuit boards.

When assessing the cost of manufacturing PP, the following parameters are taken into account:

· Base material PP. The choice depends on the operating conditions of the printed circuit board and the requirements for its technical characteristics.

· Board sizes.

· Board thickness.

· The number of PP in the order.

· Several layers.

· The presence and colour of the solder mask.

· Availability of marking, application technology, colour, one-sided or two-sided application.

· The presence and type of coverage of contact pads.

· PCB accuracy class.

· The presence of scribing.

· Presence of gilding of the edge connector.

· We are carrying out electrical testing to detect breaks and short circuits.

The preliminary calculation of the cost of printed circuit boards does not include surcharges associated with using materials of various types and thicknesses, the cost of gold-plated edge connectors, etc. Before placing an order, it is worth clarifying the list and sizes of allowances.

Printed circuit boards with non-standard parameters are more expensive. Usually, manufacturers set a minimum order quantity. These parameters include non-standard type, non-standard base material and copper foil thickness, non-standard PCB structure, etc.

When determining where it is better to order a printed circuit board, you should pay attention to the company's technical capabilities and the range of materials and technologies used. This is especially important when ordering PCBs with non-standard parameters. 

Order Quantity

The larger the total area of ​​printed circuit boards of the same type, the cheaper each board costs the customer. 

The complexity of the terms of reference

The production of standard printed circuit boards at a price will cost significantly less than the development and production of the latest high-tech circuit boards, according to a unique project.

Applied technological processes and materials: base material, printed circuit board thickness, foil thickness, types and control methods, etc.

Customer Terms

The urgency of the order also significantly affects the final cost of production.

The advantage of Victory PCB in comparison with other contract manufacturers is favourable prices while maintaining the highest quality. This is achieved through efficient order consolidation, streamlined logistics and knowledge of all aspects of production. We offer flexible pricing conditions and can always come to mutually beneficial agreements with the customer.

 We will advise you in detail on all issues and help you optimize the cost of a particular order.

How to buy a printed circuit board on the best terms?

Prepare the design file

Suppose you will produce electronic devices and want to buy printed circuit boards from us. Three situations are possible here:

You have a finished product in your hands and no technical documentation. We will contact you, discuss the specifics of the product and develop a set of documentation with a design file for you.

You have a circuit diagram, a list of elements and terms of reference for the designed product (weight and dimensions + operating conditions). The scenario is the same as in the first case but is faster and cheaper.

You give us a design file in any CAD-CAM environment convenient for you, and we check it, optimize it in agreement with you and transfer it to production.

The first two options are expensive. It makes sense to go for this only if there is no way to trace the board and the circulation is large enough.

Order In Bulk

If you are completely confident in the layout of printed circuit boards, have manufactured them before and are mass-producing equipment, it is reasonable to buy a large circulation of printed circuit boards: this way, you will reduce the cost of the final product, saving on the price of a printed circuit board.

Also, regardless of the serialization of your product, when re-ordering, you do not have to pay for the technological production preparation.

Don't chase urgency

Some companies produce printed circuit boards in a few days. This makes sense if urgency is vital for you; otherwise, you will overpay 5-7 times.

Choose a supplier with good quality control.

An obvious defect is not so dangerous because, with the help of a complaint, you can force the supplier to return the money. True, no one will return the time spent waiting for a defective order and correcting errors.

Hidden defects are more insidious: you will learn about them from your customers' complaints when their products with defective boards fail.

If you want to buy printed circuit boards and not face unpleasant surprises, choose a supplier with a reliable quality control system certified to ISO 9001, like our Chinese partner and ourselves.


The cost of making a printed circuit board (PCB) is determined by many different elements. These considerations include labour costs, PCB dimensions and number of layers, type of material used, technology used, and packaging details. In addition, the cost of PCB design can be relatively high, with hourly rates ranging from $95 to $145 in most cases. However, there are methods to reduce the cost of PCB design, such as using design software that encourages standardization and minimizes the number of components without sacrificing quality.

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