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Major Stages Involved In PCB Assembly

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The importance of Printed circuit board (PCB) in electronic industries cannot be overemphasized. If you have an Industry that manufactures electronic devices, then you should know how relevant PCBs are.

PCBs are available in three major types. They can be single-sided, double-sided or multilayered. The choice of which to use depends on the electronic Product to be designed.

Several stages are involved in PCB Assembly which should be followed carefully to obtain an overall integrated process.

In this article, we will explore the stages involved in PCB Assembly which should be followed in order to be able to obtain a high quality end product.

 PCB Assembly

6 Stages Involved In PCB Assembly

1. Addition of Solder Paste

The first stage is to add solder paste to the necessary areas of the PCB before any other Component is mounted on the board.

The solder paste is added to areas such as the Component pads using a solder screen. Usually, the solder paste contains tiny solder grains mixed with flux.

The mixture containing solder grains and flux is added to the appropriate spots in a way similar to a printing process. The solder paste becomes deposited on the PCB board by moving a runner over the Solder screen.

To obtain a best result, the amount of Solder paste added needs to be monitored to ensure that an adequate quantity is used to join the other components to the board.


2. Picking and Placing

This process involves a machine known as a pick and place machine. The main function of this Machine is to pick the components that are to be mounted on the PCB from the dispenser and place them on the board.

Some pick and place Machines ensure that every component is well secured on the PCB by adding glue drops on the board before placing the Components on top.


3. Soldering

Obviously, the next stage after placing the necessary components on the PCB is passing the board through a soldering Machine.

The Machine solders the components to the board and ensures they are well secured on the board.

However, if some particular types of soldering machines known as wave soldering machines are used, there may not be a need to add solder paste prior to the soldering process.


4. Inspection

It is wise enough to inspect the printed circuit board as well as the components mounted on it after the soldering stage.

Inspection can be done either manually or automatically. However, manual inspection is relatively not as economical as automatic inspection because it needs a lot of employees who as humans are also prone to errors.

Automatic optical inspection is preferable because it involves a machine which can easily detect any flaw or misplacement of the components.


5. Testing the Product

The printed circuit boards have to be tested after fabrication before distribution out of the factory.

By testing the board, the manufacturer will know whether the printed circuit board functions properly or not. Visual inspection, in-circuit testing and functional testing are some of the methods that can be used.


6. Feedback

Every manufacturer of PCB needs to welcome  feedbacks from the end users of the Product. This is to ensure that the PCB is doing well.

The feedback will also help the manufacturer to make any necessary improvement on the fabrication process to correct any defect before producing  the next set.


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