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What Is a Double Sided Printed Circuit Board? (2023) 2023-05-24

Since both sides cannot be electrically connected as they are, conductors such as copper plating are applied to connection holes called via holes to electrically connect the wiring patterns on both sides.

What is Heavy Copper PCB? Benefits & Applications 2023-05-23

With the emergence of next-generation power devices, the power electronics field is becoming increasingly high-frequency, and the effects of parasitic components such as inductance, capacitance, and resistance on circuits, which were previously ignored, will become apparent.

PCB Board Price: Updated 2023 Online Quote 2023-04-28

Many factors, including labour, PCB size, number of layers, material type, holes and technology, determine the cost of manufacturing a printed circuit board (PCB).

PCB Stackup Calculator Online 2023: Instant Calculation 2023-04-28

Many of these concerns can be worked out manually or with a circuit design programme to model the impedance in your board. Still, the best PCB design tools offer more complex methods of designing for regulated impedance.

Multilayer PCB Design Guide for Beginners: Updated (2023) 2023-04-27

They find application in diverse electronic devices ranging from consumer goods to aerospace systems. The following segment offers an all-encompassing manual for the process of fabricating multilayer PCBs.

How to Design High Voltage PCBs? Tutorial 2023 2023-04-26

In this blog we shall discuss some most important features of High voltage pcb.

What is copper foil PCB? Process and Features (2023) 2023-04-26

Two types of copper foils are used for the copper used in substrates. One is "electrolytic copper foil" used for rigid boards, and the other is "rolled copper foil" used for flexible and high-current boards.

HDI PCB Design: Process, Benefits & Applications 2023-04-26

As a design for high-speed serial transmission, to suppress reflection, reduce transmission loss, and suppress noise,

High Speed PCB Design Guidelines: Updated 2023 2023-04-25

Layer stack up A PCB's high-speed performance depends on how its layers are stacked. A good layer stack-up ensures that the signal quality is at its best and that electromagnetic interference (EMI) problems are minimal.

PCB Copper Thickness: Process, and Materials 2023-04-24

This makes it perfect for small production runs and prototypes. But it is not as accurate as electroplating, and the copper layer it makes may be a different thickness everywhere.

Six Layer PCB Stack-up & Design: Ultimate Guide 2023 2023-04-19

A six-layer PCB is used in many designs because it strikes a good mix between cost, performance, and complexity. In this blog, we'll talk about how to build a six-layer PCB and how to put it together.

Gerber Format for PCB: Process & Software 2023 2023-04-10

To keep up with the accelerated development of technology, the Gerber format has undergone several updates and enhancements since then.


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