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PCB’s Profiling Methods

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PCB‘s Profiling is the post-process of making circuit boards. The profiling methods are basically divided into two types: "mold punching/punching shape" and "CNC Routing". Before choosing the PCB‘s Profiling method, we need to consider the number of holes and the shape of the board is heterogeneous or not. Generally everyone knows that the higher the number of holes, the longer the punching or routing time will be. It is recommended to open a mold for a special-shaped board or a small board with fewer holes and it is not recommended to open a mold for a board with a lot of holes, it can only be done slowly. The manufacturing methods include: "punching board" and "routing board". The specific method to choose to complete the PCB‘s profiling process depends on the PCB board assembly method, board shape and so on.

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1. Punching board:

1.1 Punching board: According to the customer's requirements, they are made and stamped on a punching machine. It is suitable for customers who can produce in large quantities and do not pay much attention to the rough edge of the board.

1.2 Process flow: check mold → install mold → punching → check → formal punching → polish → wash.

1.3 The shape of the mold can be divided: punching, shape stripping and compound.

1.4 The mold can be divided into upper and lower molds. The upper and lower molds form a notch and the fitting degree can reach 0.02mm. After multiple punching, the notch is passivated and needs to be polished and repaired again.

1.5 The manufacturing tolerance: the peripheral tolerance is 7mil and the minimum distance of pits is 2mm.


2. Routing boards: Knife Routing and Manual Routing

Knife Routing:

2.1 Routing board: the routing tape is made according to the customer's requirements for the peripheral size and the routing tape is input into the computer, routing by knife on the routing machine controlled by CNC.

2.2 Router is generally made of tungsten steel with the length 38.1mm and the diameter 0.8-3.175mm, the spindle speed can reach 60.000RPM.

2. 3 The production tolerance can reach ±4mil.

Manual Routing:

The board is set on the mold prepared in advance according to the size required by the customer in profiling process and then milled along the periphery of the template with a manual milling machine.

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