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What is a PCB in a Boiler? Common Boiler PCB faults & Fixes

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The boiler PCB is figuratively and literally the brain of a modern boiler. It controls how the boiler works, managing everything from heating your home to keeping the system safe.

Sometimes, the PCB can face issues. This might lead to your heating not working well or the boiler breaking down. Knowing the signs of these issues can help you solve them fast and keep costs down.

We're a professional pcb supplier and understand these challenges well. This blog post will cover the most common boiler PCB faults, how to spot them, and the importance of choosing a quality PCB for your boiler.

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What is a PCB in a Boiler?

Boiler pcb is control center of the boiler. It manages almost every function of the boiler, from heating your water to ensuring the system operates safely. It processes information from the boiler's sensors to decide how much heat is needed and for how long.

If the boiler has an issue, the PCB triggers a boiler lockout. For example, before the boiler starts, the PCB checks to make sure everything is working right, including making sure harmful gases are removed. If all checks are good, it starts the boiler safely.

Why do Boiler PCBs Fail?

New boilers often cause PCB failures due to three major factors, including boiler vibration, water damage to internal components, and broken solder joints.

Boiler Vibrations

When a boiler works, it usually makes a little bit of noise and shakes a bit. But if your boiler is way louder than normal, those shakes might be messing up its brain, which we call the PCB (it's like a big computer chip that helps the boiler do its job). This loud noise often comes right before the PCB stops working right.

Boiler parts, especially the PCB, are pretty delicate, so when the boiler shakes too much, it can make the PCB and other parts inside lose their grip or even break off. These shakes can also mess up some of the wires attached to the PCB, which can make the boiler stop working.

That's why, if there's a problem, a boiler fixer might first check to see why the boiler is shaking more than it should. Sometimes, they find out that a fan or pump inside isn't working right and that's causing all the trouble.

Water Damage to Internal Components

Since PCBs are filled with electronic components, contact with water can be dangerous. In some cases, the PCB unit may suffer water damage from a pump leak or heat exchanger failure, resulting in hot spots with weak wiring. Over time, weak areas can crack, allowing water to leak and tear onto the components of the PCB.

Conversely, if the pump is subjected to excessive pressure or ages, it may begin to leak. For example, if the pump has sludge buildup or is running at high speeds, these conditions will create high pressure that can blow the seal seamlessly. Worn seals can allow water to enter the boiler, damaging the PCB unit and other electronic components. Learn more about steps you can follow if your boiler is water damaged.

Broken Solder Joints

The electronic components that make up the PCB are soldered. Over time, wear and tear can cause the solder to deteriorate or even peel off. This can cause the boiler's PCB to become damaged or malfunction. While a certified boiler repairman can sort some solder joints on the spot, there's no guarantee they'll hold up. The most effective solution is to purchase a new PCB unit.

Common Signs of a Faulty Boiler PCB

PCBs may not work properly for several reasons:

  • Problems with display panel not showing information properly.

  • Burning smell coming from the boiler when it's being used may indicate a PCB problem.

  • Both the PCB and display panel not getting power and therefore will not work.

  • Problems with the memory of the PCB which may affect its function.

  • Wiring problems on the PCB, which could disrupt its operation and lead to faults.

How to Address PCB Problems: Professional Repair vs. Replacement

When it comes to issues with your boiler' Printed Circuit Board (PCB) choosing the right action - repair or replacement - may be critical to the life and efficiency of your heating. Listed here are several insights to help you make this decision.

When to Call for Professional Repair Services

  • Minor Faults: If the PCB issue was minor - a loose connection or one faulty component - professional repair can often solve the problem quickly and affordably.

  • Warranty Considerations: Should your boiler or PCB still be covered by warranty, repair may be the best option. Many manufacturers repair faulty components at reduced or free rates.

  • Budget Constraints: In situations where immediate budget constraints are a concern, repairing a PCB might offer a short-term solution that keeps your boiler operational until a replacement becomes financially viable.

Considerations in Deciding Whether to Repair or Replace PCB

  • Age of the Boiler: Look at the age of your boiler. If it's approaching the end of its expected life expectancy (10-15 years), replacing a bad PCB is likely only temporary fix. In such cases a new boiler may be cheaper in the long run.

  • Cost of Repair vs Replacement: Compare the cost of repairing PCB with the cost of a replacement. If repair costs approach or exceed cost of new PCB, replacement might be the better option.

  • Breakdown Frequency: If your boiler has needed several repairs in a short time frame, your system may be failing.  A better long-term solution might be replacing the PCB - and possibly the whole boiler.

  • Energy Efficiency: Newer PCB designs tend to be more energy efficient. Modern PCB upgrades can improve boiler performance, lower energy bills and reduce carbon footprint.

  • Availability of Replacement Parts: Older boiler parts can be hard to come by. If PCB components are hard to find or no longer produced, a new PCB/boil may be the only option.

For repair, ensure it is carried out by a certified professional to maintain the safety and efficiency of your boiler. For replacements, consider the benefits of upgrading to a high-quality PCB from a reputable pcb supplier to ensure reliability and performance.

In Conclusion

The boiler keeps your home warm and comfortable during the colder months. And the PCB is your boiler's brain that controls your boiler - everything runs safely and efficiently. Ignoring problems can cause complete system failure, higher repair costs and even safety risks in your home. So it can make a big difference taking prompt and appropriate action when you first see PCB problems in your boiler. With all the help of professionals and high-quality replacement parts like our specialized range PCBs for boiler you can keep your heating system safe and effective for many years to come.

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