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All You Need To Know About Heavy Copper PCB

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With the technological advancements, there has been a high demand for heavy copper PCB which is now used widely in various electronic industries as it is a very important part of  most modern electronic equipment.

Heavy copper PCB is also known as thick copper PCB (printed circuit board), in which there are 3 ounces (oz) of copper or more on the internal and external layers of a printed circuit board.

Heavy copper PCBs (copper conductors 5 oz/ft² – 19 oz/ft²  in inner and/or outer layers; sometimes defined as more than 4 oz per square foot (ft²))

Heavy copper PCB(printed circuit boards) ensure efficient and reliable distribution of power. Most electronic materials are embracing this technology of printed circuit boards. The most common commercial PCB is manufactured for low voltage powered applications.

Pros and Cons of Heavy Copper PCB


Decreases chances of circuit failure thus devices especially through overheating when there is high temperatures. When multiple heavy copper PCB is used in the same layer it reduces the end product size. With increase in current supply there is increased heat, it helps transfer heat throughout the layer to an external source like a heat sink.

PCBs has a low cost, mass production can be achieved at a lower cost. It is Re-workable and widely available. Excellent shelf life. This board gives low electronics noise. It has compact size and saving of wire. Inspection time is reduced because PCBs eliminates the probability of error.

This board takes less time in assembling a circuit as compared to the conventional method. It prevents he occurrence of loose connections or short circuit.

The location of the electronic part is fixed and it is easy to simplify components identification and maintenance of equipment. Component wiring and assembly both can be mechanized in a circuit board manufacturing facility. All these factors bring reliability in the performance of the circuit.

Reduction of thermal strain. Better current conductivity. Can survive repeated thermal cycling. Smaller PCB size due to layering of copper. Increased connector site strength

Cons of PCB

· Uneven PCB surfaces finish.

· Not good for fine-pitch.

· It contains lead.

· Thermal shock.

· Solder bridging.

· Not easy to repair once damaged.

· It cannot be updated, once printed.

· Redesigning is required for one type of circuit operation.

 heavy copper PCB

Applications of Heavy Copper PCBs

Heavy copper PCBs are used widely in the following fields, but not limited to:

· Equipment welding industries.

· Manufacturers of Solar panels

· Power supplies

· Vehicle and automotive industries

· Electrical and power distribution industry.

·  Military/defense

· Solar panel and welding equipment manufacturers, and other sectors that require boards that can handle the heat generated by today’s complex electronic

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Heavy Copper PCBs are very important in electronic devices as they ensure high performance and increase productivity. It has low purchase cost and prevents overheating of electronic appliances.

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