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What is PCB and types of PCB?

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What is PCB?

PCB (printed circuit board) is a printed circuit board, which is one of the important components of the electronics industry. It can replace complicated wiring and realize the electrical connection between components in the circuit, which not only simplifies the assembly and welding of electronic products, reduces the wiring workload in the traditional way and greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers. It reduces product costs and improve the quality and reliability of electronic equipment. The printed circuit board has good product consistency. It can adopt standardized design, which is conducive to mechanization and automation in the production process. At the same time, the entire printed circuit board after assembly and debugging can be used as an independent spare part, which is convenient for the interchange and maintenance of the whole product. At present, printed circuit boards have been widely used in the production of electronic products.

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The development history of PCB

The earliest printed circuit boards used were paper-based copper-clad printed boards. Since the appearance of semiconductor transistors in the 1950s, the demand for printed boards has risen sharply. In particular, the rapid development and wide application of integrated circuits have made electronic devices smaller and smaller, and the density and difficulty of circuit wiring have become more and more difficult, which requires that printed boards be constantly updated. At present, the variety of printed boards has developed from single-sided boards to double-sided boards, multilayer boards and flexible boards; the structure and quality have also developed to the level of ultra-high density, miniaturization and high reliability. New design methods, design supplies, board-making materials and board-making processes are constantly emerging. In recent years, various computer-aided design (CAD) printed circuit board application software has been popularized and promoted in the industry. Among specialized printed circuit board manufacturers, mechanized and automated production has completely replaced manual operations.

The types of PCB

As an important electronic component, PCB is a support for electronic components and a carrier for electrical connection of electronic components. Because it is made using electronic printing, it is called a "printed" circuit board.

The function of the PCB is to provide a base for completing the assembly of the first-level assembly and other necessary electronic circuit parts to form a module or a finished product with a specific function. Therefore, PCB plays the role of integration and integration of all functions in the entire electronic product.

1. Divided by material

Organic material

a. Phenolic resin, glass fiber / epoxy resin, Polyimide (polyimide), BT / Epoxy, etc. 

b. inorganic material

Aluminum, Copper-invar (steel) -copper, ceramic (ceramic), etc. It mainly takes their cooling function.

2. Distinguish between hard and soft products

a. Rigid PCB

b. Flexible PCB

c. Rigid-Flex PCB

3. Divided by structure

a. Single panel

b. Double panel

c. multilayer board

4. Divided by purpose:

Communication / Consumable Electronics / Military / Computer / Semiconductor / Electrical Test Board 

5. Divided by surface

Hot Air Levelling

Gold finger board

Carbon oil board

Au plating board

Entek (anti-oxidation) board

Immersion Au board

Immersion Tin

Immersion Sliver

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