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What is FPC?

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FPC is the abbreviation of Flexible Printed Circuit, also called as flexible board or FPC, which has the characteristics of high density,lightness and thinness.

FPC is a highly reliable board made of polyimide or polyester film as the base material.

 flexible PCB

Types of FPC

a. According to the layers of copper foil, FPC is divided into single-layer boards, double-layer boards, multi-layer boards, etc.

b. According to the combination way of base material and copper foil, FPC can be divided into flexible boards with adhesive and non-adhesive.

By the way, the price of the non-adhesive flexible board is much higher than the adhesive one, but its flexibility,the bonding force and the flatness are better than the adhesive board, so it is generally only used for high-demand products or occasions.

Due to the high price, most of the flexible boards currently used are still flexible boards with adhesive in the market. However, since flexible boards need to be bent when they are used, if the design or technology is unreasonable, it is easy to be damaged such as cracks and open welding.


Features of FPC

a. Freely bent, folded and wound, also can be moved and stretched freely in 3D space.

b. Great heat dissipation performance.

c. Lightweight, miniaturization, thinness and achieve the integration of component device and wire connection.


Applications of FPC

Mainly in the fields of Mobile phone, Laptop, Pad, Digital camera, LCM, Medical, Automobile, Aerospace and so on.

 flexible PCB

Development of FPC

The high-density FPC that emerged in the 1990s has begun to enter large-scale industrial development and is rapidly developing into more precision, and the market demand for high-density FPC is also growing largely.


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