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Outstanding Benefits Of Immersion Gold PCBs

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Immersion Gold PCBs are a necessary part of electronic circuit boards. The circuit boards have to pass through the strictness of various operational environments. 

Immersion gold PCBS suppliers

The circuit boards are coated with surface finishes of different types.  There is a copper layer on a PCB that oxidizes whenever it comes in contact with the air. And this also brings down the soldering quality.

Also, surface finishes assist in reducing oxidation and also add to solderability and electrical performance.

Among the different types of surface finishes that are sold in the market immersion gold surface finish is the best. 

Immersion gold PCBS suppliers are most recognized in the market because of the quality of their surface finishes

Immersion Gold PCB surface finish is commonly called Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG).  

It has electroless nickel plating that is covered with a thin layer immersion gold.

Furthermore, the gold layer is achieved on the nickel layer through displacement in immersion gold. 

It proceeds until the achieved gold layer is covered with nickel, and this serves as the source of the gold. 

The layer prevents nickel from oxidation. The thickness ranges from 0.05 – 0 23 um (2 – 9µm) gold over 2.5 – 5.0µm (100 – 200µm) electroless nickel. The thickness is continuous throughout the PCB

Well, purchasing PCBs from a reliable and reputable immersion gold PCBs suppliers is the most recommended option. 

This is so because you will be able to fit into the advancement in electrical technology and to get low contact resistance required for the gold deposit nickel

Benefits of Immersion Gold PCBs

Immersion Gold PCB is widely known though it may be expensive. Below are the benefits that attract people to it and make it to be widely recognized. 

Immersion gold is equipped with strong chemical properties. The properties are surface planarity, coplanarity, long shelf life, and impressive wettability. 

Also, the properties are provided by gold and nickel layers. A nickel layer performs two functions in immersion gold PCB. 

It acts as a hindrance and can also stop the interfusion within copper and gold.

Also, it will react with tin and provide intermetallic compound Ni3Sn4 and the compound provides adequate solderability

ENIG from reliable Immersion Gold PCBs Suppliers provide benefits such as low contact resistance, antifriction, high strength, and few chances of oxidation. 

All these benefit help to reach circuit conductivity requirement and also it protects nickel and copper layer from oxidizing. And it adds to perfect solderability.

Immersion Gold PCB provides good adhesion and also well known for its electrical testability. It does not need dummy plating but has excellent flow cycles.

Immersion gold from trusted Immersion Gold PCBs Suppliers provides good plating around the holes in the circuit board. 

And the gold plating is gold wire bondable and can be soldered easily.

Its surface finish is unique for fine pitch products as the tracks or pads are square-edged and flat. 

It also complies with all RoHS requirements

Immersion Gold PCBs are used in consumer electronics, computers, automotive electronics, and mobile phones.


Immersion gold is a metal process applied in the manufacture of printed circuit boards. 

This is used to prevent oxidation and improve the solderability of copper contact and plated through holes.

Printed circuit boards (PCB) are used for toys, wireless devices, and computers, for an industrial detector, and most electronic devices feature PCB. 

Immersion Gold PCBs are a type of surface finishes which as low contact resistance, antifriction, high strength, and few chances of oxidation. 

It comes with many advantages such as, it is equipped with strong chemical properties, it has a long shelf life and it provides good adhesion, etc.

However, it is recommended that you source for this useful electronic component from an experienced and reputable Immersion Gold PCBs Suppliers.

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