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Know The Basics Before Purchasing PCB Connectors

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Printed circuit boards (PCB) connector remains one of the most widely used components for various electronics. Although they come in a very compact size, PCB connectors are very complex components of electrical devices, and they come in various types. 


However, your need for a PCB connector might be slightly different from conventional applications. For this, reason, it is most expedient that you have a full understanding of what type will be right for your need. 

Also in order to get the best quality PCB connector, buying from a reputable manufacturer that has recorded years of outstanding successes in the business will help you have the best deal for your hard-earned money.

Wondering what type of PCB connector will be best for your project? Read on…. 

What is a PCB connector?

A PCB connector is an electrical chip that finds usefulness in radio, computers, and even beepers. They are usually made from fiberglass, composite epoxy, or another type of laminate material.

It is important to note that each type of PCB connector doesn’t work the same as the other. So, it is important to know what your need for PCB connector is so that you can make the best choice from

Types of PCB Connector and Application

The most common types of PCB connector available from trusted manufacturers of PCB connector include;

1. Single-Sided PCB Connector

These are the most elementary PCB connector, and they have a single layer of substrate or base material that is usually covered with a layer of thin metal, which is responsible for conducting electricity.

Single-Sided PCB connectors also have a protective silk screen coat and solder mask, and they work perfectly in electronic toys, relays, and power sensors.

2. Double-Sided PCB Connector

Unlike the single-sided PCB connector, the double-sided PCB connector has a double layer of a substrate of base material that is also covered with a thin metal layer. 

The double-sided PCB connector has holes around itself from where other metal parts can be connected to both sides of the PCB.

With this, more circuits can be attached to the double-sided PCB than the single-sided variants, and they can also work well in various electrical appliances such as amplifiers, power monitoring, and test equipment.

3. Multi-Layer PCB Connector

This type has more than just two copper layers, and they are high compact which makes them most suitable for high-speed circuits.

4. Flexible PCB Connector

Just as the name suggests, this type of PCB connector is made of a flexible base material which can be multi, double or single-layered.  

The flexible PCB connectors are mostly employed for equipment used for measuring temperature rise or fall.

5. Rigid PCB Connector

The Rigid PCB connector is majorly used for simplifying maintenance and repairs, and they are made of rigid materials that can't be twisted or bent.


PCB connectors abound in the market for various users and applications. However, knowing the best for your projects is key to making the best.  More so, working hand-in-hand with a reliable PCB connector manufacturer is a good way to get more bang for your bucks.

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