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Convergence Point of the Double-Sided PCB and Other Types of PCB

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Without a doubt, you will agree that printed circuit boards, commonly referred to as PCB are among the components of various electrical appliances with so much impact in how their appliances serve us.

Right from the largest as well as the most sophisticated of various electrical units such as those found in the control panel of airplanes and automobiles to those found in the smallest electrical devices such as children toys, we can say that PCB have added so much flavor to life as far as electrical devices are concerned.

Just as it may interest you to know, PCB come in various forms and types, and for each type, there is a certain line of difference that sets it apart from its counterpart. Typically, there are various types of PCB currently in use in the design and manufacture of various electrical appliances.

For instance, there are the single layer PCBs, which are basically produced using a single layer of the base or substrate material. Just as the name suggests, what this means is that in a single layer PCB, one side of the material is made up of a thin layer of metal while the reverse side is made up of the base material such as copper.

Interestingly, these single layer PCB are commonly employed in the manufacture of electrical devices such as radio and calculators.

On the other hand, double layer or double-sided PCBs are another type of PCB with a characteristic two-fold ways where tiny wires referred to as leds are using to hold both sides of the double-sided PCBs together.

With such a complex design of the double sided PCB, this makes them most effect in the design and manufacture of electrical devices such as LED lighting, amplifiers, and even in industrial machines control.

Next on the list is the multi-layer PCB, which is a more complex unit consisting of two or three double-layered PCB, which are held together using a unique gluing material that is resistant to melting from heat generated from the panels.

With such a high and sophisticated design of the multi-layer PCB, it is not surprising that these type of PCB are most useful in the manufacture of equipment such as medical devices, weather analysis devices, and even in file server technology.

With such a crucial role played by PCBs in various electrical devices, it then becomes very important to partner with a reputable manufacturer of double-sided PCB or any other type of PCB you may need for your projects in order to have the best products and services for your hard-earned money.

double-sided PCB 

What is the converging point of various types of PCBs?

Sure, you would be wondering what is so common among the various types of PCB mentioned above. Well, in case you are thinking of that, the answer is very simple; as simple as the manufacturing steps and processes involved in the production of these various types of PCBs.

Below are the various manufacturing steps involved in the manufacture of double-sided PCB, multi-layer PCB and single layer PCBs.

1. Preparation of the materials to be used

2. Pinning of the PCB using appropriate CNC machine

3. Drilling using CNC machine

4. Through-hole plating

5. Brushing to get rid of any form of dirt

6. Laminating using high temperature and pressure

7. Protection against exposure to UV lights

8. Development

9. Etching – spraying of ammonia over the copper film to remove any residual copper on the board

10. Tin Stripping

1. Application of solder mask

2. Exposure to sunlight to dry


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