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Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Price Calculator

Printed circuit board fabrication contains complex process of many steps from the origin print inner layers to the final inspection before the pcbs can be used to electronics manufacturing requirements. As a industry-leading pcb manufacturer, we specialize in providing large batch pcbs for designers, manufacturers, product development departments or electronic OEMs. They often ask a question "How much does a pcb fabrication cost?" or ask for a quotation of custom pcb prototype. So we built a printed circuit board cost calculator on our website. And you’ll get an instant online estimated cost with this convenient tool.

How does the PCB Fabrication Cost Calculator Work?

Victory PCB offers high quality printed circuit boards at competitive prices. In order to generate a cost estimate, you should fill the information above such as customer pn, pcb quantity(pcs), layers, copper thickness and etc. When filling the information, these are a few pointers to know:

· Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

· when estimating the total cost of the PCB order, the price doesn’t include shipping costs.

The following are important features of pcb fabrication cost calculator. You responses will help us provide you an appropriate PCB online quote.

· Custom PN: Enter your pcb part number, it will be displayed on your order.

· Delivery Size: Input the maximum length and width of the board

· PCB Quantity: Enter Number of Boards needed for order.

· Your Email: Enter your email so we can contact your more convenient.

· Layers: This is the most important field in the calculator and one of the most important price factor of the PCB fabrication. You can choose the layers you need.

· Material: Choose the base material for the PCB. FR-4 is a default set.

· FR4-TG: The glass transition temperature for FR4 material.

· CTI Value: This refers to comparative tracking index value.

· Finished Thickness: This refers to the desired thickness of the printed circuit board. The unit is mm.

· Min Track/Spacing: This refers to minimum width of any conductors/Minimum distance between any two adjacent traces. We have five option for you to choose.

· Min Hole Size: This is the smallest size of the hole. You can select from five values.

· Solder Mask: This refers to the color of coating materials to be applied to the PCB. Choose the color what you want.

· Soldermask Supplier: Copper clad laminate supplier.

· Silkscreen: This refers to the color of text printed. Provide black ,white and yellow color options.

· Surface Finish: The surface finish helps concede the copper layer and improve its solderability. LF HAL is default set.

· Via Filling Material: Material used to fill the via holes.

· Outer Layer Finished Copper: Copper weight refers to the weight of copper in one square feet of PCB. You can choose from 1 OZ to 6 OZ for your outer layer. 1 OZ is the default value for this attribute.

· Inner Layer Based Copper: This is the thickness of copper within the PCB. You can choose from values 1 OZ to 6 OZ copper weights.

· Inspection Standard: This refers to PCB quality level inspection standard. You can choose from two option.

· Impedance Control: The resistance to the flow of current, represented by an electrical network of combined resistance, capacitance and inductance reaction, usually in high-frequency circuits.

Our PCB fabrication calculator is designed to help you understand the cost associated with pcb fabrication. If you don’t understand the various factors mentioned in the calculator, please contact us and you’ll get a quick reply.


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